Newsletter 30: A roadblock on Memory Lane

(Sign up to the International Newsletter here) This rebellion is by no means over: the past week has seen continued actions in Austria, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Berlin, Sydney… as ever, more than we can count! But for many of those reading, this week was the beginning of some well-earned rest, and the start of a reflection process. In this first of several retrospective issues, we begin to look back together on the October Rebellion. We bring you exclusive accounts that could only be articulated once the heat of action had cooled a little. Berlin…

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Shocks to Political Culture in France

Text and images by Victor Chaix The October Rebellion enabled XR to introduce itself to the French mediatic and political world, and a large part of the population. This spectacular introduction, in turn, intended to draw more rebels in and swell the ranks of the country, to allow for even more disruptive and dramatic actions.  Nevertheless, we can without much worry argue that this week of massive non-violent civil disobedience created a certain shock wave in the political and militant sphere of the country of “La Grande Révolution” – a cultural strangeness in the movement’s political aims and methods for…

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Post-Rebellion Blues: a practical guide to coming down to earth

Getting ‘back to normal’ isn’t always easy. We’ve got you covered – read on for our best advice on looking after yourself and others as we come back down to earth; complete with bundles of free resources from the Regen Culture UK team! This period of rebellion has been both a growthful and challenging time for Extinction Rebellion. The movement has had to learn on its feet and adapt to a continuously changing landscape whilst experiencing new tactics from the police. Many conversations have been brought to light in the critiques of XR and we have seen some of the…

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