A Regenerative Resistance

“We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us” – Jo Cox Today dawns a new political era in the UK. We recognise that rebels will be feeling a lot after what we saw as the most important election ever in the UK for the planet we hold so dear. Today is also a reminder of our mission to go beyond party politics. Beyond a system which has brought the planet to its knees. For us nothing has changed today. We are still committed to fighting for this planet and…

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2nd Progress Update: Restorative Process Regarding Roger Hallam’s Comments on The Holocaust

The restorative process for bringing accountability to Roger Hallam’s recent comments in Die Zeit and Der Spiegel concerning the Holocaust is ongoing and this is a progress update in the spirit of transparency and accountability. RESTORATIVE PROCESS At this stage, we are trying to create the possibility and pre-conditions for a Restorative Process to take place. The next step of the Restorative Process is a meeting to be held on ​Sunday 15 December​. It will be an in-person meeting, bringing together 11 people who are directly involved or affected by this issue. Participants will include representatives from XR Germany, International Support…

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Three More Rebels Found Not Guilty as April Arrests Ruled Unlawful

Three more Extinction Rebellion protesters were acquitted yesterday after a second judge ruled that arrests made during the April rebellion were unlawful.  Caroline Vincent, 56, Clare Carlile, 24 and Jake Costello, 23, were on trial for breaching Section 14 of the Public Order Act while occupying Waterloo Bridge in April.  But the judge at City of London Magistrates Court found them not guilty because the police officer who imposed the Section 14 condition had a flawed understanding of human rights law.  Their acquittal follows that of four other Extinction Rebellion defendants last Tuesday (December 3rd), when Chief Inspector McMillan was…

News Section 14 Trials
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UK Newsletter #6: Vote for the Planet!

(Sign up here to receive this newsletter in your inbox) Dear rebels, There’s no question: these are pivotal times. With the election at our doorsteps and the crisis already engulfing our homes, we’ll need deep resilience to face the challenges that lie ahead. But tomorow is the chance for a significant change. It’s your climate – your vote – your choice. Truly bee-yond politics: rebels were bringing the truth to all major parties’ ‘battle-buses’ Today we bring you news from around the UK. Focusing, of course, on the details of the…

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History Corner – Kinder Mass Trespass 1932

Environmental issues are commonly dismissed as middle class concerns, reserved for those who have no more pressing issues affecting their daily lives. However, people from all classes and backgrounds share the same basic needs of drinkable water, breathable air and a non-toxic, habitable planet.  We also all need a connection to wilderness, to not be stuck in exclusively human- or even machine-mediated spaces. Long before concepts of ‘nature deficit disorder’ this was understood by city-dwellers who, working all week in the factories, or unemployed during times of economic depression, would look to the surrounding hill country in their free…

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Legal crowdfunder tops £400,000: How to apply for financial help

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters, we’ve now raised over £400,000 through our CrowdJustice campaign.    If you’re one of the many rebels facing financial challenges as a result of your prosecution, here’s how to apply for some potential support towards your costs.  Distribution of Central Legal Defence Fund The CrowdJustice Central Legal Defence Fund now stands at over £430,000. The XR community recognises the amazing generosity of the many people who have stood in solidarity with Rebels facing court proceedings by donating to this fund. Although the long-term fundraising target of £750,000 has not yet…

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Election Special – Extinction Rebellion Podcast

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW Join the Extinction Rebellion Podcast for the #ElectionRebellion, pushing the Climate & Ecological Emergency to the top of the political agenda. Hear about the Three Demands Bill, the hunger strikers, climate hustings, and our 12 days of crisis, including a severe weather warning from the future. Featuring interviews with XR Sheffield, XR Hull and a special appearance from Emma Thompson. Listen to Extinction Rebellion Podcast Special 2.7, “XR & the Police” here. View Extinction Rebellion’s three demands here. Presenter / Producer / Editor – Lucy…

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COP25 starts Madrid 2019

“We’re here outside COP25 in Madrid because we’re in a climate emergency, leaders of our world have had 25 years of working on this issue, and we’re still nowhere near where we need to be”…

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