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People’s Assembly on How to Keep Momentum Going
Wednesday 24 April 2019, Parliament Square

  1. Bringing XR into schools
  2. Clearer communication on Twitter and website etc, especially with regards to informing new people
  3. Big swarming action tomorrow – meeting at Southwark cathedral
  4. We need the world to know what our endgame is and what our final event this week is. It needs to be spectacular visually and make clear what our message is to take home to constituencies
  5. We need clear demands as a group to present and discuss, to give us authority and clarity when addressing government, e.g. focus on ecocide law
  6. Symbolic action, aimed at places such at Brazilian embassy, Shell buildings, and parliament e.g. die-ins, replanting forest such as at Waterloo Bridge. This would bring attention to XR and our demands re ecocide law
  7. Maintain momentum for maximum impact, and act together as XR. Solidarity is our big strength, but we need to allow people to do different things: be diverse and make their own choices.
  8. Prioritise communications among us, improve facebook communication
  9. Refreshing and renewing affinity groups. Making sure everyone who wants to be in affinity group is in one
  10. Collect water from the Thames in bowls and stand around Westminster to symbolise projected flooding levels; this could be coordinated with Global South etc
  11. A lot of people work in community groups and charities. We could invite them in over the next few days (and onwards)
  12. Direct action, e.g. in the city and on Facebook. Enlisting support of artists and notables – Massive Attack, Emma Thompson and Orlando Bloom already support us. XR could get support of more, e.g. expressing support through Tweets
  13. Into the future: social science says 3.5 percent are needed for rebellion, so how can we get more of Middle England involved? Social media campaign with emotional involvement (but not too much fear), e.g. image of people in Middle England experiencing flooding
  14. Economic disruptions to target some of the “villains”, e.g. oil etc.
  15. Regroup and assimilate what’s gone on. Then come up with targeted actions on fundamental areas, whereby centralised actions are backed up by equivalent actions in communities, re deforestation, palm oil (Oreo, Cadbury’s) etc, change labels of products in supermarkets, target big oil but also petrol stations, plastics – unwrapping everything things at tills, target financial districts and then local banks in towns and villages
  16. Labelling: the XR symbol – but also with addition of “don’t panic” to make clear solutions are there. Directions exist for support networks
  17. It is important to avoid losing strength as a movement. If we lose Marble Arch, we could march from there through the City, then back again to take hold of Marble Arch once again
  18. Wait in the City and request that businesses sign up to ecocide law.
  19. Print out letters and deliver to FTSE 400 companies.
  20. The precautionary principle: chemical-based products are often labelled as “eco-friendly” but there is no evidence this is true
  21. Actions: if there is no response from Parliament about the mass lobby, then we could hold a die-in on the pavement. This would keep up media coverage and attain public support
  22. Tomorrow: meeting outside Bank of England at 8:45 a.m. Mark Carney is sympathetic to XR messages. We could profit from this and get more support from him, e.g. a mass die-in. They would have to step over us, symbolic as they are trampling over our future

If your feedback is not included here or is mischaracterised, please let us know and we will do our best to rectify this. Contact Please refer to the number of the point and the specific assembly when getting in touch.

People’s Assembly on Leaving Strategy
Tuesday 23 April 2019, Marble Arch

A people’s assembly was held regarding leaving the Marble Arch site. This was held because although some feedback on this topic was obtained during Monday’s assembly, there was no metric on how many people agreed with either staying or leaving. Hence, this assembly was held in order for the Rapid Response Team to gain more feedback from people on the ground. Representatives of key groups spoke from their perspective, i.e. practical/site management, political, regen, actions, media and messaging, and local communities. Other groups were not represented because they could not come on stage due to the police cordon. People were asked whether they want to leave Marble Arch and when. After deliberating in groups, people were asked to come up to the stage and make a point if it had not already been made by the representatives of the key groups:

  1. We want to leave gracefully, non-violently. Probably on Thursday 24th.
  2. Thursday will be the 11th day of action. 11 is symbolic considering the predicted deadline for us to act to save the planet.
  3. A closing ceremony & a date needs to be set for when we regroup.
  4. This is a victory not a defeat.
  5. We need to leave whilst we still have energy to tidy up after ourselves.
  6. Arrestable people should have the opportunity to be arrested.
  7. We should take this energy back to local areas and local groups.
  8. Leave on Friday to go to HS2 (High Speed 2 railway).
  9. Once we’ve left the site, we should have an aerial drone photograph to show we’ve left it in a good condition.
  10. Proposal to target banks and big companies with future actions.
  11. Use the Marble Arch site to train the trainers.
  12. The info desk to be left at Marble Arch so bypasses can engage with Extinction Rebellion.
  13. We will set a date to leave, but if we do not get a response from the Government, we stay.
  14. Keep the roads closed until everybody has left, so we can all leave safely.

Then people were asked to vote on whether to leave or not; the decision was approx. 30% no and approx. 70% yes. Then people were asked what to leave between Wednesday and Saturday. Thursday won (40%), followed closely by Friday (25%) and Saturday (35%), with Wednesday being least popular (1 vote). Obviously these are rough estimates given the nature of the event. We are currently looking into using apps that will allow us to gain more accurate feedback. If you are interested in getting involved in making XR more democratic, please get in touch with

People’s Assembly on How to Move XR Forward this Week
Monday 22 April 2019, Marble Arch

The aim of this assembly was to allow Rebels to feedback their thoughts on how to bring the movement forward in the coming week. This feedback will be processed by the Rapid Response Team (a decision making team that has been set up to ensure fast decisions during the Rebellion period).

Leaving Marble Arch

  • Dignified withdrawal from Marble Arch within the week; on our own terms, with a ceremony and leaving the space more beautiful than before
  • Keep Marble Arch as a base for outreach, training and wellbeing


  • Target financial district and industry
  • Support for escalations
  • Lack of support for targeting ‘ordinary people’
  • Re-take Parliament Square Tuesday/Wednesday
  • More loving/positive actions in which we offer hugs and gifts to those disrupted
  • Focus on keeping momentum up

Outreach and Training

  • Greater focus on outreach, training and people’s assemblies, especially in areas around the country
  • Greater focus on inclusivity within the movement and a new fourth demand centred on climate justice and global South voices.
  • All feedback will be considered, not just the common points

Feedback/ Proposals from Representatives of Each People’s Group

  1. Anon – Supports a new occupation in the financial district. Supports action in Parliament Square. Supports the idea of expanding out of Marble Arch.
  2. Rachel – Wants to focus on demands now. Want to have a ceremony to end this occupation.
  3. Jen – Wants to include unhappy commuters and locals in strategy. They do not want to disrupt ordinary people and want to respect their views.
  4. Clare – Wants to approach Mark Carney and hold an assembly within the finance sector.
  5. Anon – Wants more true human emotion through the use of grief circles in city of London.
  6. Anon – Want to reclaim Parliament Square on Wednesday.
  7. Eliot – Wants numbers on how many people are prepared to carry on, wants clarification on what meaningful engagement from the government looks like.
  8. Anon – Wants to withdraw from Marble Arch on our own terms and follow up with a large action later in the week.
  9. Anon – wants to take the trees from Waterloo Bridge and plant them in a beautiful place.
  10. Anon – Create new and inclusive slogans, wants to encourage people to join.
  11. Anon – Wants a clean, sharp, short exit. People are so tired. Important to keep it fresh. We now need to consolidate with local groups.
  12. David – Wants a minister to speak to them by end of the day on Thursday. If they do, they want to leave Marble Arch. If not, they want to escalate.
  13. Anon – Wants to hold up major financial sectors of London.
  14. Anon – Wants to keep momentum, making sure that people now go away and are trained to spread learning.
  15. Anon – Wants the power to decide their own fate, one big event in Parliament Square to say goodbye and then go away cleanly. Come back later in the year, much bigger.
  16. Anon – Take sites for a couple of hours.
  17. Anon – Wants fourth demand in line with the fourth demand of Extinction Rebellion US. Huge cheer for this. New fourth demand centred on climate justice and global South voices.
  18. Anon – Wants to stay at Marble Arch and continue to actively disrupt.
  19. Anon – Wants a people’s assembly in Parliament Square.
  20. Anon – Wants people to do what they want, either leave or stay.
  21. Anon – Wants to leave end of this week on a high note.
  22. Anon – Wants to retreat for now, focusing on regeneration and learning from this. Come back later.
  23. Anon – Wants to leave next weekend and then focus on political strategy. Move on and further clarify aims of the movement.
  24. Dominic – We need to move out and target transport hubs in local areas, we need to specifically target industry, an create online forum for sharing of views.
  25. Anon – Wants to pause direct action now, but stay at Marble Arch until the end of the week.
  26. Anon – Wants to leave Marble Arch tomorrow, but carry momentum forward.
  27. Anon – Wants to leave site at end of week, but have permanent base somewhere in London.
  28. Anon – Wants the energy not to dissipate, carrying it on through creative and education actions.
  29. Anon – Suggests maybe keeping Marble Arch in some way as an educative place. Wants to focus on the people this issue is affecting right now.
  30. Anon – Wants to keep up momentum with people’s assemblies. Lots of people are going back home now, we have to look after ourselves. Keep taking action.
  31. Anon – Wants to hold Marble Arch until end of week, but that people now need to go back into their communities and a lot of hard work has to be done to help diversity.
  32. Anon – Says Parliament Square is an important place and wants to retreat gracefully and with style.
  33. Anon – Says people all over the world are finding hope in this. Says we cannot just become another Occupy movement. Wants to go to the banks and Buckingham Palace.
  34. Anon – Wants to stay for one more week and then leave with love and peace. Wants to build this movement as inclusive and diverse, reaching out to different communities.
  35. Anon – Wants to leave as soon as possible, but do a big action every time there is a new full moon – Lunarchy. In between those actions, we do small tactical actions.
  36. Anon – Says we also need that fourth demand that Extinction Rebellion US has adopted.
  37. Anon – Want three different actions to speak to every demand very specifically.
  38. Anon – Wants local actions, blocking polluting roads around schools.
  39. Anon – Wants to thank business around us and leave cleanly. Wants to increase diversity and inclusivity. Wants to have a way to serious engage with government.
  40. Anon – (representing 8 different groups that collated feedback) – wants to leave now, after one big action. Wants to continue rebellion, pause, and come back later. Wants Citizens Assemblies everywhere, says it might now be trialled in Oxford.
  41. Anon – Wants to leave with dignity, open a public organising space in London, and be ready to return if negotiations fail.
  42. Anon – Wants more actions against financial sector. Wants involvement from international solidarity group on actions.
  43. Anon – Wants a shopfront in every town across the UK, so as to now enter a phase of learning from other movement and growing publicly.
  44. Anon – Wants to switch to vision-holding actions, more important that the presence in Marble Arch is strong, in favour of focusing now on negotiations.
  45. Anon – Supports a graceful withdrawal from Marble Arch, with possibility of coming back if demands and negotiations not met.
  46. Anon – Wants to focus on how we now go away, expand, and create better communication channels. Wants to leave end of next week with a beautiful closing ceremony.
  47. Anon – (representing 6 groups) – Wants to leave on Friday with a big procession and a date in mind to come back.
  48. Anon – (representing 10 groups) – wants to focus on financial sectors, focusing on maximum economic damage but not affect ordinary people. Leave next week in a dignified exit.
  49. Anon – Wants to target the embassies en masse.
  50. Anon – Want to get more Extinction Rebellion groups in local communities, importance of reaching new people, also need to empower young people
  51. Anon – Wants to offer gifts to people who are being disrupted, free hugs and flowers to people. We can do this decentralised.
  52. Anon – (representing 8 groups) – Wants to turn Marble Arch into a learning hub, wants a concise end with a closing ceremony. Set up government in exile in the form of a Citizens Assembly.
  53. Anon – Wants another assembly to end.
  54. Anon – (representing 8 groups) – Wants to use Marble Arch as a wellbeing hub. Want another assembly at the weekend to decide on exit. Wants to relinquish with dignity. Use this as a hub to go out from.
  55. Anon – (representing 4 groups) – leave Marble Arch now, but wants to retake Parliament Square. Talk to local MPs and focus on mass mobilisation.

If your feedback is not included here or is mischaracterised, please let us know and we will do our best to rectify this. Contact Please refer to the number of the point and the specific assembly when getting in touch.

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