Global Newsletter # 37: Girls just wanna have rights

Dearest Rebels, This issue, we celebrate the incredible courage and kindness of women everywhere, from the Republic of Congo to the bridges of London, who are standing strong to honour each other and the Earth.  If you haven’t already, check out this powerful video of women performing the protest dance called ‘Un Violador en Tu Camino’ (A Rapist in Your Path) for International Women’s Day. We take time to consider the very serious and ongoing threat that Coronavirus (Covid-19) poses to our activities and the planned Waves of Rebellion. Rebels have been working tirelessly to find a path which seeks to protect life, support the most vulnerable, and…

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The Ozone Layer: The Environmental Victory Everyone Forgot

Imagine this: there’s a terrifying environmental threat caused by chemical emissions that could destroy all life on earth. The companies producing the emissions put out all the disinformation they can to keep their businesses going. However, the governments of the world unite to remove those chemicals from production, and the world, miraculously, heals. This isn’t a fairytale about climate change. This is the real story of a grave environmental threat that was at the top of everyone’s mind in the 1980s, but has been largely forgotten by the public today. Here’s the story about how the people won a victory…

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Contra la Extinción, Somos Rebelión! COP25

Raquel and Sergio stood with their hands glued to the inside of Zara’s display window kissing silently and smiling, with adrenaline, fear and love coursing between their lips. The cameras and curious eyes of hundreds of Christmas shoppers watched their intimacy from the other side of the glass, attracted by the rebels outside who were singing and shouting, with banners in their hands and rage in their hearts. From that perspective, the couple appeared to be holding a gesture of surrender. Hands up! Don’t move! It was a position of vulnerability that became clear when the Policía Nacional came to remove…

COP25 Madrid
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Newsletter 32: “Yet My Hunger for Change Propels Me”

Dearest rebels, it’s been a time of quiet but intense struggle on the front lines of the rebellion.  Since Monday 18th November more than five hundred people have taken part in the Global Hunger Strike. From Israel to India, Ecuador to Australia, New Zealand to the United Kingdom, we have all been united in our pain and our desperate desire for change. Following in the footsteps of great change-makers and peace-bringers such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Mahatma Gandhi, rebels have chosen to go hungry as a mark of their love for the Earth and all the life that it harbours. …

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XR Unchained 10

GLOBAL HUNGER STRIKE VIDEO from hunger strikers around the world made on Day 3 Barcelona, Spain. 18 November 2019. Day 1 of Global Hunger Strike Photo: Ilias i Chelo Barcelona, Spain. 22 November 2019. Day 5 of Global Hunger Strike Spain, 24 November. Jennifer, XR Barcelona, on day 6 Granada, Spain. 18 November 2019.  Granada, Spain. 21 November 2019.  Extinction Rebellion Sverige 18 November · Christian, Lee, Samuel och Sofia. Stockholm, Sweden.19 November Norway, 22 November. Outside Norwegian parliament. Poland, 21 November. Barbara Swadzyniak, 20, student, Warsaw Poland, 21 November. Warsaw Poland, 22 November. Hunger strikers in Lublin.

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Newsletter 31 – A Season of Change

(Sign up to the International Newsletter here) There’s change in the air. This change takes many shapes. Indians can see it with their eyes and feel it with their lungs. For many others, from Romania to indigenous land in Brazil it appears as an absence: of trees, of food, of loved ones. Sri Lanka.  It can be for the better as well as the worse: the UK government has put a hold on fracking, while our story on XR Austria (below) is enough to fill the weariest rebels with hope. Change is coming for all of us – even world leaders have…

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Newsletter 30: A roadblock on Memory Lane

(Sign up to the International Newsletter here) This rebellion is by no means over: the past week has seen continued actions in Austria, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Berlin, Sydney… as ever, more than we can count! But for many of those reading, this week was the beginning of some well-earned rest, and the start of a reflection process. In this first of several retrospective issues, we begin to look back together on the October Rebellion. We bring you exclusive accounts that could only be articulated once the heat of action had cooled a little. Berlin…

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Shocks to Political Culture in France

Text and images by Victor Chaix The October Rebellion enabled XR to introduce itself to the French mediatic and political world, and a large part of the population. This spectacular introduction, in turn, intended to draw more rebels in and swell the ranks of the country, to allow for even more disruptive and dramatic actions.  Nevertheless, we can without much worry argue that this week of massive non-violent civil disobedience created a certain shock wave in the political and militant sphere of the country of “La Grande Révolution” – a cultural strangeness in the movement’s political aims and methods for…

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Rebel Daily 9: Rebellions don’t end – they regenerate

(Sign up to the International Newsletter here) Photo by Arkadiusz Kasperczyk It’s difficult to imagine the number of rebels currently feeling exhausted, disorientated, and proud. Though we know it’s not over for everyone, this week saw the conclusion of high-intensity rebellion phases in Paris, Berlin, New York, London, and countless other cities and nations. A truly inspiring number of those involved are new to the experience of Rebellion – small surprise, since there’s very little like it. The most obvious exertions are physical: long days spent roaming streets or (every bit as vital!) glued to screens,…

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