UK Newsletter #11: Self-isolating? Welcome back to the community!

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, As Covid-19 spreads and we all slow down to support our communities and NHS, our movement is taking stock. There can be no doubt that this pandemic will mean major change for all of us. We share and support the world’s priority for public health. We encourage all rebels to get very familiar with the official advice from the NHS and model it as best you can. Be aware that we don’t know how long coronavirus is going to be with us, so we need to…

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Unsung Heroes of XR: Felix – A rebel-alchemist of the April Rebellion

In today’s Unsung Heroes, we meet Felix. A long-time environmental activist, boater and rewilder, Felix describes his involvement in XR as episodic: “because I have random work hours and I am a boater – and I am often geographically distant from any given group – I don’t have a regular role in XR. I do my own thing. But when it’s action time, when it’s time to physically help out, I will go all in”.  Though you may not see Felix at your weekly local meeting, he is no less committed to the movement for it.  He has, in…

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Global Newsletter # 37: Girls just wanna have rights

Dearest Rebels, This issue, we celebrate the incredible courage and kindness of women everywhere, from the Republic of Congo to the bridges of London, who are standing strong to honour each other and the Earth.  If you haven’t already, check out this powerful video of women performing the protest dance called ‘Un Violador en Tu Camino’ (A Rapist in Your Path) for International Women’s Day. We take time to consider the very serious and ongoing threat that Coronavirus (Covid-19) poses to our activities and the planned Waves of Rebellion. Rebels have been working tirelessly to find a path which seeks to protect life, support the most vulnerable, and…

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XR Unchained 13

More beautiful and courageous action from XR groups around the world. There is so much to tell. 14 FEB | Uganda 14 FEB | Nairobi, Kenya Climate activist and founder of Green Generation Initiviative Kenya Elizabeth Wathuti on Valentine’s Day climate strike.   14 FEB | Istanbul, Turkey Young Turkish school strikers. 8th of Mar. Woman’s Day  14 FEB | Moscow, Russia Brave Russians who joined Arshan Makichyan during his 49th week of climate protest. “The local government illegally refused us the right for a mass strike. But a lot of people joined our queue for a single strike and…

XR Unchained
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UK Newsletter #10 – I Know Why the Caged Canary Sings

Dear rebels, As spring begins, and we start preparing for our third wave of change-making, we’re delighted to bring you a stirring and inspiring History of XR (video). In a movement so based on compassion, and faced with such painful times, it can be easy to forget how far we’ve come. Whether or not we succeed, we know we’re doing all we can, together. Let’s celebrate that.  Ready for more? You’ve come to the right place. Today we bring you plans for the UK’s Rolling Rebellion from 23rd May onwards – see below for more. In the…

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Update about situations and processes involving Roger Hallam from the XR UK Transformative Conflict & Justice Systems (TCJ) team

Introduction This document details an update on processes that have been happening in the UK, Germany and Switzerland in relation to Roger Hallam.  In the UK the restorative process has ended and the situation will now be referred to an XR UK Care Council. XR Germany has come to some agreements with Roger Hallam. XR Switzerland are waiting to receive audio before any retraction or correction of the interview is made.  We would like to recognise again how painful this situation has been for so many and to let you know that we have given everything we can to hold…

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UK Newsletter #9: More courage. More collaboration. More love.

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, With two storms in two weeks causing widespread disruption and flooding, 2020 didn’t take long to bring the climate crisis to our doorstep. But our rebels are hot on the case, taking to the streets with ever more innovative and theatrical actions. In London, some rebels brightened up Fashion Week with colourful plumes and an alternative fashion show, while others poked fun at our politicians who just won’t stop digging for coal. A BP-sponsored exhibition on Troy encountered its very own Trojan horse in the…

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Newsletter 36: Waves of Worldwide Webellion

Dearest rebels, Whether you swoon for Valentine’s Day or think it represents everything that’s wrong with the world, we hope you’ll accept this newsletter as a message of affection from us to you; putting the ‘love’ into ‘Love and Rage’. Today, we are proud to announce that we will rise up in Waves of Rebellion across the world! At an exciting international meeting, rebels decided that countries will organise their own ‘wave’ in period of Rebellion that will cascade from April to June. With over a dozen countries already signed up and choosing their…

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UK Newsletter #8: Unexpected Elephants and Supermarket Crime Scenes

Dear Rebels, It’s only February but already things are hotting up. Our next UK-wide mobilisation is now set to begin on May the 23rd (book time off work!), and the strategy for 2020 is due to be released in the next few days. As we build momentum for another round of conscientious protection, there’s no shortage of opportunities for warming up this February: whether it’s fighting HS2 this weekend, marching in London on the 22nd, blockading a coalmine in county Durham on the 26th, or disrupting Cambridge City centre from the 16th onwards. And however you…

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Unsung Heroes of XR: Alice and the Arrest Welfare Team

When we contacted the Regenerative Cultures UK-wide Working Group for a nominee for our new Unsung Heroes of XR series, two names came up immediately: Alice and Zaza from Arrest Welfare.  The reason? “They have been doing a huge amount of work since April, creating a support system for our 1400-plus XR arrestees whilst working full-time in other jobs since April. I’m a big fan!” comments a fellow rebel.  Zaza is on the Regen team retreat, so on this occasion we catch up with Alice, joint internal coordinator of the UK Arrest Welfare Team. In typical ‘unsung hero’ fashion, Alice…

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