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COP25 starts Madrid 2019

“We’re here outside COP25 in Madrid because we’re in a climate emergency, leaders of our world have had 25 years of working on this issue, and we’re still nowhere near where we need to be”…

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George Monbiot visits Hunger Strikers | Day 11

“I know that the strikers here are striking in support of a climate and ecological emergency act, which actually makes good the promises that Governments have now made declaring ecological emergencies, declaring climate emergencies but they haven’t yet acted on them”, George Monbiot…

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XR Global Hunger Strike Starts

14 November, 2019 – Extinction Rebellion UK hand delivered letters to each political party, requesting a filmed meeting with party leaders to ask for their support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, the #ThreeDemandsBill…

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Roger Hallam | Hypocrisy

Filmed in Bristol 14 Nov 2019 “The bottom line is, everyone is sort of complicit, you can’t live your life without participating in the destruction of the next generation, and that makes everyone uncomfortable”…

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