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XRTV Interview: Chris Hedges

A live XRTV #alonetogether interview with Chris Hedges, American journalist and author on Coronavirus, Climate and What Next? Chris won the Pulitzer Prize while at the New York Times and has written a number of groundbreaking books on the crises we face.

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XRTV Interview: Micah White

On Coronavirus, Climate Breakdown and what this means for protest. A live #alonetogether conversation for XRTV with Micah White (co founder of Occupy Wall St) on what the Coronavirus means for social movements and how they can adapt to the pandemic.

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Inside Extinction Rebellion | KEO films

In 2019, Keo Films’ Tom Beard, Director, and Alice Henley, Producer, began following Extinction Rebellion in the run up to last year’s October Rebellion, with intimate access to our headquarters (and thoughts) both before, during and after the two-week London protests.

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We Are The Dead Canaries

From 26-28th February 2020, local activists and Extinction Rebellion joined forces to shut down operations at the Bradley Open-cast Mine in County Durham, voicing their objection to Banks Mining Group’s proposal to expand mining operations at the site.

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