Action Wellbeing Training – Bite Size Edition


08 July 2019
19:00 (UTC +01:00)


14 July 2019
15:30 (UTC +01:00)


Zoom Online Webinar, Dublin, Ireland

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Regenerative Culture

Action Wellbeing Training – BITE SIZE EDITION
The ‘Summer Uprising’ and Beyond

XR Action Wellbeing, through the power of the internet, are hosting trainings ACROSS THE COUNTRY!
These trainings will be geared towards the Summer Uprising but will give you skills and knowledge transferable to all actions.

We have called it BITE SIZE because we will be covering very specific parts of Action Wellbeing including (but not limited to) roles, practicalities and what to look out for on the ground.

You will also be sent a beautiful Action Wellbeing Bundle, and are welcome to get in touch with your trainer at any point if you want to discuss any aspect of the training further!

During an action, the wellbeing team use a lot of energy looking out for the welfare of others. It is just as important to take care of yourself and each other.
And so, we will also be hosting a more in depth, in person training for as many regions as possible, covering things like the wellbeing of those doing the wellbeing (so much wellbeing).
Although this will be touched upon in BITE SIZE, this will be more exploration of taking care of each other, check-ins and check-outs and the importance of debriefing after the action.


Zoom links:
Monday 8th July, 7-8.30pm |
Tuesday 9th July, 7-8.30pm |
Wednesday 10th July, 10.30am-12pm |
Wednesday 10th July, 6-7.30pm |
Thursday 11th July, 4-5.30pm |
Saturday 13th July, 3-4.30pm |
Sunday 14th July, 2-3.30pm |

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