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06 December 2020


20 December 2020




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Action, Activity/Event

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Extinction Rebellion Europe

ACTIONS BEGIN December 6th, 2019!

We, united citizens of Planet Earth, condemn the actions of the Brazilian State, the Brazilian Agribusiness lobby (Bancada Ruralista), and other criminally inactive governments and neo-colonial extractivist corporations throughout the Amazon Basin for their complicity in ecocide and destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, for the murders of environmental defenders, and for the cultural assimilation and genocide of Amazonia’s Indigenous peoples. As a movement of movements, we call upon every human with a conscience to denounce the products created from this destruction, to economically disrupt governments and companies responsible for inflicting it, and to demand an end to their ecocidal and genocidal activities.

APIB have called for a day of global climate action this December 6th. Starting then, the actions will continue for a minimum of one year (#XR52 weeks of direct action) until September 2020, during which time we will remain open to discussions with the Brazilian Government, targeted companies, and other relevant authorities. If, by this time, our demands have not been met, we will continue for another year.

WHAT are the main products and commodities sourced from Amazon destruction?
Palm oil

WHO is profiting from the crisis in Amazonia?
The following are examples and big players – more information can be found in the Complicity in Destruction report, among other sources. Research your targets well!

Financiers – the big money driving deforestation: BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase, BNP, Santander, HSBC

Traders – the middlemen trafficking deforestation: Cargill (soy), JBS (beef), Marfrig (beef)

Retailers – the mega-retailers selling deforestation: Leclerc, Walmart, Stop and shop, Costco

Governments they infiltrate, puppeteer or bribe such as through the power of Brazil’s Agribusiness lobby

HOW do we stop them?
We suggest you use tried and tested #PaintTheStreets tactics, in which activists disrupt business-as-usual using art, design and performance to tell the truth about this crisis and call for action. Read more about Paint the Streets here, including a guide on how to take part:

The Amazon is burning, so that rich and powerful imperialists and neo-colonialists can continue to profit at the expense of people, planet, climate, and ecology. Countries like the United States and China exert economic and political pressure to exploit these areas like a ‘little garden’ – a cheap, profitable region to grow food for Western plates and the diets of elites. The world’s largest rainforest, a massive carbon sink and cloud factory which produces much of our fresh water and regulates the global climate, is fast approaching an irreversible tipping point of transitioning to a drier savannah-like ecosystem. Every tree felled represents more species lost and more carbon released into the atmosphere, accelerating climate breakdown.

Brazil has seen the greatest number of environmental defenders murdered in any country for five years running: mostly those who resist the ecocidal agribusiness and mining giants. Many more murders are recorded throughout Latin America, and still more go unreported. In many cases, these are Indigenous people, the best stewards of our natural world who protect 82% of its biodiversity. Indigenous lands and nature reserves have been grabbed, invaded, and exploited illegally in the name of economic development. Many groups face brutality, cultural assimilation and genocide to clear them aside, as their existence represents an obstacle to economic development and the wealthy elites, such as Brazil’s ‘Bancada Ruralista’ agribusiness lobby and corporate-government complex.

In the place of local people, to whom this land is their way of surviving and their heritage, governments and multinational corporations encourage the growth and spread of deforestation, fires, and extractivism. Mother Nature, forests, wildlife, and Amazonia’s people are being annihilated to make space for gold mining, cattle ranches, and soy farms. The natural world’s wealth is pillaged, workers exploited, including scandalous examples of modern slavery, and millions of farmed animals slaughtered every day to create ever greater profits. The goal is simple: lining the pockets of the rich and powerful, including hundreds of bribes paid to corrupt politicians, many of whom belong to these ecocidal industries.

We cannot and will not wait for the powers that be to take appropriate action to defend Amazonia, its peoples and our future. The problem is systemic, and it is clear that those who hold power have abused it for the sake of profit. To prevent them from reaching their goals, we must therefore target the only thing they value: their business and money.

Read the full action Boycott Proposal and provide feedback here:

Organise in your communities,
Spread the word among activists and campaigners,
Tell the truth to the media and the public,
Plan solidarity actions to highlight the destruction,
Build pressure and cause economic disruption using actions targeting those responsible for these crimes against humanity, all beings, and nature.
Use #ActForAmazonia,
#PaintTheStreets, and
#NenhumaGotaMais / #NiUnaGotaMas / #NotASingleDropMore in your social media posts, and to check in on what your fellow activists are doing around the world!

We will not rest until justice and ecology and justice are restored to Amazonia. Let’s do this!

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