Corona and climate co-listening support group


12 April 2020


31 May 2020


Online - see the link in the event description



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Extinction Rebellion Lambeth - Events

Our lives and our world are in upheaval, and we face related layers of crises. There is hardship, grief and fear, as well as opportunities for connection and reflection.

To build and sustain a strong environmental movement, we need to have a place to share about the impact of the related corona and climate emergencies on ourselves and about any discouragement we feel about taking action.

This group offers mutual support and engaged listening to enable people to share experiences and heal from the effects of the hurts and oppression. This builds courage and stamina, enables people to think more clearly about the current crises, and strengthens alliances.

All are welcome.

Use this Zoom link to join the meeting –

Sustaining All Life offers tools of mutual support, engaged listening, and a process that frees people from the effects of the hurts and oppression. We can also use these tools to remove many of the difficulties of working together. This personal work heals the emotional damage and, as a result, people are able to think more clearly about the environmental crisis, build and strengthen alliances, and fully enjoy working together to set the world right. This healing work also builds courage and stamina, and the confidence that we can create a just, sustainable future for everyone.

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