Deep Adaptation Circle


13 February 2020


23 April 2020


North East London, details through the Signal group



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“Putting all our hopes in a better future allows us to make compromises in the present, while letting go of a better future can allow us to drop false hopes and live in the present with more integrity. It might even make our activism more effective.” – Jem Bendell

Each day we are moving closer to the possibility that we have passed the tipping point and that we will face collapse of various systems that support our current lives.We can build resilience together by exploring the spectrum of how the future might look:

How will social collapse look and feel in our world, when the structures that we so rely on no longer exist?
How do we keep what we really want to keep?
What do we need to let go of?
What do we need to bring back to help us through the difficult times ahead?

This circle is a held space where we explore together these possibilities and feel the feelings that arise in us. All parts of us and all feelings are welcome. And all that occurs within it is confidential.
The circle-holders see this as a very important part of activism to sit with the difficult stuff, to share from the heart, be witnessed and witness others in their journey – so that when we step into action and activism we come from a place of love.

How it works
We meet fortnightly to be with each other and our shared exploration of Deep Adaptation. We expect that you are familiar with the broad themes of the Deep Adaptation paper by Jem Bendell. We will not go through the details or discuss the likelihood of the content.

Format: The circle will open with a very simple ritual and check in; the main part of the circle might be shaped by a prompting question or sentence and is flexible what arises in the group. We close with a check out.

What you might want to bring: An object that is sacred or meaningful to you.
When: 2nd and 4th Thursdays. There is no expectation to join for every session if you don’t want to. First time visitors are always welcome.
Arrival time from: 7.00pm
Start time : 7.30 – 9pm
Please arrive in time as we will not be able to interrupt the circle once we have started.

Location: The venue is the events room in our community home in the local area. With growing consciousness around privacy with activism please text us on Signal for the address 07960101046.

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