Rooting Rebel Resilience


26 February 2020


03 June 2020


Extinction Rebellion UK



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XR Earth Wisdom Tenders

XR Earth Wisdom Tenders are calling all Rebels to join us from the beginning Lent (26th February) till the end of Ramadan (23rd May) as part of a wider XR Faith Bridge Action.

We invite all rebels to connect daily with a tree, rooting our resilience and strengthening our nervous systems as we lead up to the rebellion in May.

Nature connection has been proven to help our mental health and reduce stress and anxiety and build our resilience.

As well as fostering greater rebel resilience and mental health, through creating and nurturing connection with these beings with whom we are so interdependent, we may well find that this action will be helping us, and them, survive the changes that lie ahead.


We were wondering how can all rebels nurture themselves such that come the 23rd May, and for the duration of this coming rolling rebellion, they were held with a deep solid sense of connection to themselves and the ultimate reason why they are rebelling?

So we decided to invite all rebels to partake in an earth tending experiment that promises to tend to our Selves so that we can tend to the earth, and, following the great mystical and pan-faith understanding of reciprocity, tend to the earth so that we can tend to our Selves.

In the recognition that the largest being on Earth is the wood wide web known as mycelium, and that through this web each tree in the forest is connected in a mutually supportive community of trees, the invitation is for all rebels to spend a little time with a tree every day leading up to the rebellion, and further, to be in relationship with other rebels about the process and their experience.


Start by imagining that this tree is a living being – which of course it is – and introduce yourself. Notice how that feels, and what you see. You may wish to keep a journal, to meet up with others, form a hub in your locality. Sign up on the event page and join our facebook action sharing group. We will post questions each week to help you deepen your experience.

It does not matter what species of tree it is, although if this is a new experience for you it might be easier to choose a tree that has no leaves over the winter. If you have no access to a tree, or shrub, where you live, we would suggest planting a bulb in a pot and nurturing that every day.

It is intended that spending a little time with a tree every day leading up to the May rebellion may bring some or all of the following benefits:

***It is an extremely easy way to practice some daily nature connection, recognised by people the world over as being regenerative.

***It will build a relationship with a living being that is neither human nor animal, thus opening the possibility of deepening Earth connection as the bedrock of our rebellion

***And in the heat of the rebellion we will be able to draw on that tree connection to act as an anchor for us

***And after the rebellion, in that after-the-action slump when we need to nurture ourselves and take care of our physical needs for rest and recuperation, our tree will help by being a place we can spend time


During the course of this time with the tree, the invitation is to just be still and with a sense of curiosity, watch the buds as they swell, burst open and the leaves emerge, to pay attention to it and the other beings that interact with it – the birds, the insects, animals.

Is the tree in the shade or the sunshine?
Does that affect the emergence of the leaves?
Of blossom?
Does it even produce blossom?
Where does that emerge from?
Does it come before or after the leaves?
Does your tree produce fruit, nuts or seeds?
Or does it not?
How does it reproduce?

Giving back

In this process of spending time with our tree, we are also invited to treat it as a living being that, in the spirit of reciprocity, we wish to give something back to – this could be in the form of a song, or a poem; we might draw it, or speak of its beauty and how it inspires us; in some traditions this might include tobacco, or chocolate or things that are precious to us, even money.

Check in with this Event Page and the Event group to find spaces leading up to, and during the rebellion, for the sharing of tree journeys, thereby creating a forest of XR tree stories.

In this way Earth Wisdom Tenders intend to support all rebels in deepening their own resilience and deliberately cultivating regenerative roots for their rebellion

With Love and Cœurage


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