HuManifestation Meditation


15 June 2019
11:00 - 12:00 (UTC +01:00)


In the space between Costa Coffee, Café Nero and Jempsons in Hastings’ town

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Hastings / St Leonards

Join us again for a second HuManifestation Guided Meditation. We enjoyed the last one so much, we want to make it a regular event!
A meditation manifestation: “Love and care of the earth, ourselves and all the fellow residents of the planet we inhabit – and beyond to the universe. With appreciation and gratitude.”

Fully Accessible.
No experience necessary. Guidance will be offered.

45minutes to an hour. People free to come and go during, but would be great if you could be there the whole time.

Meet in the space between Costa Coffee, Café Nero and Jempsons in Hastings’ town.

Basically, bring whatever it is you’ll need to be able to sit/stand or lie in mediation for a while. Be prepared for all weathers – from sun hats to umbrellas for standing in the rain.
Maybe bring along something to hold that represents why you are participating. A poster/placard/photo/collage/object/etc.
An XR banner, XR leaflets, XR donation tins and some XR flags will be available.

A HuManifestation evolved from Action=>Manifestation=> HuManifestation. Fully inclusive to all humans!

‘Hu’ = Divine
‘Man’ = Mortal
Manifestation = From ‘Manifestación’. The word used in Spain for non-violent direct actions of this nature. ‘Manifestation’ in English.

This action will follow XR non-violent Principles, which can be found on

We are all unique individual rebels, united by a common cause: united in our concerns and united in our stance to take non-violent direct action for the earth, for ourselves and for all the elements of this planet on which we live.

Leafleters x2 – (to talk to people and answer questions) and,
Well-being x2 – (keep a safety eye and hold the banner/s).

Please spread the word!

Let’s unite and create that 3.5% wave of change in a heartful, wise and mindful way. Our energetic contribution to the universal resonance.

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