International Rebellion Week


06 October 2019
22:00 (UTC +01:00)


11 October 2019
08:00 (UTC +01:00)


Brisbane - CBD, Brisbane, Australia



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion SEQ

With certainty, we now know that failure to force swift and radical action on the climate crisis will result in the deaths of billions of humans and untold numbers of other species on this planet.
With this is mind, the International Extinction Rebellion community has chosen October 7th to bring mass non-violent civil disobedience to cities around the world.

XR SEQ and surrounding XR groups expect thousands of rebels to descend on the Queensland capital from October 7th, onward.

We acknowledge that this action and the Rebellion will take place on the stolen land of the Jagera and Turrbal peoples of Meanjin and surrounds (now so-called Brisbane). First Nations people have already been fighting for 231 years to protect country, water, culture and life.

On August 6th, we gave a sample of what we have the capacity to do when we come together.

It is now time to act on something bigger.

Start getting ready for October.

Stay tuned for updates/ time changes and more info as October nears.

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