International Rebellion Briefing Weekend


13 April 2019
14:00 (UTC +01:00)


14 April 2019
16:00 (UTC +01:00)


Reformers Tree Hyde Park,London,United Kingdom

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion

This is it. The International Rebellion is happening.

On April 15th, thousands of people will be taking over central London to demand Government action in the face of impending climate and ecological collapse. Nothing else is working. We have to take to the streets to see an end to this genocidal system.

Come to London for Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th before the Rebellion to get trained up before we take over London on Monday.

We will have trainings and briefings running across both days to make sure everyone is prepared for the mass Civil Disobedience to follow. We want Trained and Untrained groups in attendance, to develop the trust, skills and confidence that will be essential to the success of the International Rebellion.

As the Earth March is pouring in to London from across the UK, the energy of the movement is going to be electrifying. We will come together, form relationships, consolidate our plans, and gear up for the days ahead.

Specific details of the schedule of the weekend to follow. We are encouraging everyone to come for at least one of the two days.

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