Ivan’s Walk of Hope


10 October 2019
09:00 - 10:00


Westminster London



hosted by

Ivan's Eco-Education Tour of the UK

Ivan will be setting out from Westminster, from one of the occupied Rebellion sites (TBC) and walking across Green and Hyde Park to Paddington, There he will catch a train to Reading where he is doing a tree planting ceremony and a talk in the evening.

This walk is to help raise funds to support Ivan to travel around the Uk and also to go towards tree plantings in all the places he visits. Please feel free to join all or part of Ivan’s walk through London and donate to help him continue his journey.

We have called this a Walk of Hope because we feel that Ivan’s visit and the Rebellion and so many other actions which are taking place all over the world are huge signs of hope that things are changing and we will create a better world!

A map of the route will be posted in the comments below.


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