London Rebellion Extinction March : There is Strength in Grief


12 October 2019
14:00 - 16:00


Marble Arch



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion London

Gather 1.30pm for 2pm start. Anticipated finish 4pm
We join together and hit the streets; if you have been watching the rebellion from afar, now is the time to come together and bring your family and your friends to immerse yourselves in our mass participation movement. In the midst of Rebellion, we will express our profound grief for Extinction through a unifying march.

You are invited to join the jazz-funeral band, black horses and globe, XR Skeletons Rebellion and Art Blockers flags in a short ceremony of grief, followed by a funeral procession through the streets of London. Bring your puppets, flags, banners and any other 3D art objects you have made which represent extinction and wear black, white, and pink.

Express yourself in accordance to the mourning rituals of your culture. Start in nature, end in nature. We unite in grief, rage and love for life on Earth.

12 October is the Day of Indigenous Resistance. It marks the landing of Columbus in the Americas in 1492, unleashing the genocide and enslavement of Indigenous people and a new imperialism. We will make visible the contribution of women and communities from the Global South to the movement to save the planet. Women, the primary carers everywhere, have been leading the resistance to climate change, protecting land and planet from mining, deforestation, water poisoning and cash crops. The climate emergency is already causing death and destruction, especially in the Global South and there is massive organising to stop it.

Representatives from across movements will express their grief and their vision of the future.

The march will be welcomed to its close in Russell Square by an orchestra.

‘Grief is subversive. Grief is not a negotiation with Death; it is a Courageous Love letter to Life’

How to get involved?

🌍 Join the skeleton crew! Take care of a puppet for half or whole day, contact
🌍 Make or bring your own objects or puppets representing endangered and extinct life-forms.
🌍 Guide the procession as a steward.
🌍 Jugglers & street performers join the ‘dance with death’ applying humour and grace to this collective spiritual experience.
🌍 Offer logistical support in the form of transport coordinators, police liaison and legal observers etc. on the day.

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