Citizen Declaration Of Climate Crisis


05 October 2019
19:30 (UTC +01:00)


06 October 2019
19:29 (UTC +01:00)


All India



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Extinction Rebellion India

We are in a Climate and Ecological Emergency! Join us to get the government to LISTEN TO THE SCIENCE, and ACT ON IT!

Entire villages in India are being deserted or drowned, farmers are taking their own lives due to scare yields, fresh water is running out, wildlife is diminishing, and people are dying. Yet our country and it’s citizens refuse to even acknowledge that we are in a crisis.

We can’t let this continue. We have to wake up.

This October, we will engage in a MASSIVE, COORDINATED, NATIONWIDE and PEACEFUL declaration + Die – In to raise awareness and encourage Governmental action on the climate crisis.

We intend to use the Rebellion to bring together the MANY VOICES that are fighting for environmental justice around the country, to come together in ONE STRUGGLE and show the government, and the media, that this what the people want.

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