National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist


07 September 2019
12:00 - 15:00 (UTC +01:00)


Extinction Rebellion London, London, United Kingdom

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Extinction Rebellion London

Extinction Rebellion is partnering with Stop Killing Cyclists to stage this National Cycling Protest & Die-In

Saturday 7th September, Lincoln Inn Fields from noon – then funeral procession leaves at 1pm to the Treasury, Whitehall.

We are calling on the Government to start investing £6 billion/ year in cycling from the 2019 Autumn Budget onwards.��The symbolic funeral from Lincoln Inn Fields to the Treasury will dramatically have 3 horse-drawn hearses, with coffins symbolically representing the millions dying from climate breakdown, from fossil-fuel transport pollution and from the inactivity crisis engulfing us. ��It will also have a bike drawn hearse representing those dying from Diabetes Type 2 due to lack of activity due to failure to build national cycle network. ��And it will have a child-hearse with a small white coffin symbolising those kids already dying from asthma and the millions who will die from climate breakdown. ��The procession will end with a massive die-in outside the Treasury. We want to fill Whitehall with the biggest die-in in UK history – so the Chancellor gets the message loud and clear. ��The protest condemns all existing and previous governments from all the major parties for their failure to take comprehensive action on safer cycling.��The protest calls for:��1/ £6 billion/ year to be invested in a national protected cycling network. This equates to the 20% of the transport budget, which the UN says we should be spending on active travel.��2/ An end to and reversal of the annual tax cuts for toxic diesel/petrol which is killing tens of thousands of people who walk or cycle every year, disabling hundreds of thousands and damaging our kids lungs for life. Over £80 billion is being given away is duty cuts to toxic climate-destroying car lobby.��3/ Making all our village, town and city centres car free.��The National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist will honour and mark the deaths of:��* over a thousand people cycling killed on our roads in the last decade�* the thousands of people who cycled killed by traffic pollution�* the hundreds of thousands of people who wanted to cycle but were afraid to due to lack of protected cycle lanes and who thus died from horrific lung & heart diseases, diabetes and a plethora of other inactivity diseases.��The UK Treasury for decades has invested almost nothing on a national protected safer-cycling network, whilst £10s of billions get spent on ever more roads for the immensely wealthy car-lobby and £billions more given in annual tax-cuts to the toxic diesel/petrol lobby.��We have in the UK among the lowest levels of European cycling investment and the highest levels of childhood obesity.��We need urgent action to address the UK’s obesity, climate and pollution emergencies.��Investment in cycling is one of THE best ways to tackle all three.��Cycling Action = Climate Action #6BillionPerYear4Cycling ��Yes We Can!��

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