National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist


07 September 2019
12:00 - 15:00


Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3, United Kingdom

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion London

This September, Extinction Rebellion is partnering with Stop Killing Cyclists to stage a National Cycling Protest & Die-In at Whitehall!

Saturday 7th September – Lincoln Inn Fields from noon – then funeral procession leaves at 1pm to the Treasury, Whitehall.

The 2019 Autumn Budget is just around the corner and we are calling on the Government to start investing £6 billion a year in cycling. ?‍♀️✊???‍♂️

We are demanding that the UK Chancellor choose cycling for life not fossil fuelled transport for death!

The symbolic funeral from Lincoln Inn Fields to the Treasury will be led by 3 horse-drawn hearses with coffins symbolically representing the millions dying from climate breakdown, from fossil-fuel transport pollution, and from the inactivity crisis engulfing us. It will also have a bike drawn hearse representing those dying from Diabetes Type 2 due to lack of activity in part encouraged by the failure to build a national cycle network, and a child-hearse with a small white coffin symbolising the children already dying from asthma.

The procession will end with a massive die-in outside the Treasury. We want to fill Whitehall and make this huge – so the Chancellor gets the message loud and clear. The protest condemns all existing and previous governments from all the major parties for their failure to take comprehensive action on safer cycling. We’re calling for:

1. £6 billion/year to be invested in a national protected cycling network. This equates to the 20% of the transport budget, which the UN says we should be spending on active travel.

2. An end to and reversal of the annual tax cuts for toxic diesel/petrol which is killing tens of thousands of people who walk or cycle every year, disabling hundreds of thousands and damaging our kids lungs for life. Over £80 billion is being given away in duty cuts to toxic climate-destroying car lobby.

3/ Our villages, towns and city centres to be car free. The National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist will honour and mark the deaths of thousands of cyclists killed on our roads, from traffic pollution, and the plethora of inactivity diseases.


This autumn’s budget will be the last budget for the UK to respond in time to the existential alarm call to the world issued by the UN Secretary General in September 2018. He warned that world governments needed to start radically cutting carbon emissions within two years, if humanity were to avoid extinction.

Transport is the largest source of UK emissions and is rising. Cycling is a key solution to cutting transport emissions but the UK Chancellor has invested almost nothing in a national protected cycling network while continuing to fund billions for new motorways & roads.

The chancellor has also CUT fossil fuel transport duties in every single budget since 2010. This is leading to an £80 billion bonanza tax cut for the industry.

The Chancellor should now instead invest the £6 billion a year necessary to create a national protected cycling network by 2025, the XR target date for a zero carbon Britain

Join us and demand change! #6BillionPerYear4Cycling

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