Plane Truth Procession


04 September 2019
07:00 - 14:00 (UTC +01:00)


Angel tube station, London, United Kingdom

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion London

Join Plane Truth Procession to World Aviation Festival on the morning of 4th September to send this message!


Reckless and astonishing!

The World Aviation Festival at Islington Business Design Centre 4 – 6 September 2019 is hosting over 400 speakers and NOT ONE of them mentions the environmental impact of flying.

Scientists make it crystal clear that without rapid reduction of passenger numbers and flights the goal of limiting global heating cannot be achieved.


The number of flights being taken globally is increasing and airports are building more runways. By 2020 carbon dioxide emissions from airlines will be 70% above 2005 levels. Overall the climate impact of flights is 2 – 3 times larger than the impact of just their carbon emissions because of other greenhouse gases, and also the effect of insulating airplane contrails.

The World Aviation Festival flies in the face of global efforts to address climate breakdown. This is despite increased frequency and severity of extreme climate-related disasters that can already be seen across the world. We call on the contributors to this festival to change the conversation, and change it fast. We call on the aviation industry to TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY and reduce flights and emissions.

The Procession is headed by actors from Earth Ensemble (XR arts) who will perform a short play outside the conference

The rest of us are dressed in black and we carry black boxes (based on the black boxes of airplanes: these tell the truth about accidents). Our black boxes are symbolic and will have messages about climate and ecological breakdown glued onto them. These messages will give the press good opportunity to photograph the messages on the boxes.

Wear black
If possible, bring a small box (shoe box?) painted black to hold

We will walk silently through IIslington handing out leaflets and once we arrive at Islington Design Centre the actors will perform the short play, the Pink Sparrows (like the Red Arrows but gone wrong!) will fly around the space in their absurdist humorous way, and we will leaflet the public, conference attendees and have speeches.

Meet near Angel tube at 7.30am – exact location will be announced soon.

The BBC is an official media partner to the World Aviation Festival. Later in the morning, the Procession will walk to BBC (1 hour walk) leafleting the public and once arriving at the BBC, asking them why the are a media partner to the dangerous aviation sector.

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