Planetary Health Hub at Extinction Rebellion


07 October 2019


18 October 2019


Victoria Tower Gardens, London, SW1P 4, United Kingdom



hosted by

Doctors for Extinction Rebellion

As health professionals concerned about the climate crisis, this October we are hosting the ‘Planetary Health Hub’ to bring together health professionals and concerned individuals who want to inform and act specifically around the health impacts of climate change.


The planetary health hub will host a number of events and perform a number of functions:
– A first port-of-call for health professionals interested in finding out more on health and the climate crisis, Extinction Rebellion, and how to get involved
– Programme of talks and workshops on Health and the Climate Crisis
– ‘Climate Clinics’: come and speak to a health professional about climate change
– ‘Climate Anxiety’: group sessions on managing and responding to fears around climate change
– ‘Media links’: utilising the scientific background and community orientation of health professionals to talk on the climate crisis in the media
– ‘Roaming Medics’: setting up sites to talk to the public about health, climate and XR.
– First Aid support to the XR community

Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) October Rebellion is running from 7 – 18 October 2019. This will involve a ‘Movement of Movements’ allowing different groups and interests to express their particular climate demands on the government, industry and to the public.

Victoria Tower Gardens, as part of the Global Justice Rebellion site. As frontline professionals aware of how the health impacts of climate change will impact the poorest, and the poorest in the poorest countries the most, we are proud to join with other groups on the frontline of the environmental crisis to send a strong message for rapid action to mitigate the worst health impacts of climate change.

“If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

The Planetary Health Hub is being hosted by a number of different groups, including Doctors for Extinction Rebellion, XR Brighton and Extinction Rebellion Health Workers, and with input from XR Connecting Communities and XR Psychologists among others!

*Sounds great! How do I get involved?*

Come on down to the rebellion, speak to someone at the tent, and if you like – sign up for a Climate Clinic (we’ll have guidance on site), to be a Roaming Medic, or to help with First Aid.

If you or somebody would like to speak or host a workshop, please fill in this GoogleForm with your expression of interest.

If you’d like to get more involved in the run up to the event, join our Facebook and message an admin for how to get onto the organising platform.

*As a health professional, I’m concerned about arrest. Is it safe for me to come down?*

The Planetary Health Hub is part of the Global Justice site. As health professionals, we are well aware of valid concerns around arrest and our professional licensing. We are also cognisant that many of our colleagues at the Global Justice site have valid concerns regarding arrest too.

We are aiming for the site to be as ‘soft’ as possible. We will be in a park/ not be taking a highway; we aim for good relations with the police and the local community.

Though there is never no risk of arrest, in the majority of circumstances, a police officer will first ask you to move on prior to arrest: we ask you do this if you do not wish to be arrested.

If the legal status of the site changes, we will share this on our social media: Twitter and Facebook.

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