Presence in Activism: Embodied Speaking Empowerment (Practiced)


26 May 2019
12:00 - 16:30 (UTC +01:00)


4th floor, 184 Drummond Street London NW1 2HN

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion London

***PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EVENT WILL NOT GO AHEAD WITH LESS THAN 5 PEOPLE – so be sure to EMAIL to be informed of whether to come or not on the day – see details below***

This workshop is for those who are already speaking about climate change in personal and public forums and who wish to increase their capacity to be genuinely present with the people they are speaking to.

Ever feel like no one is listening? The question is, are you listening to those people you are speaking to?

When people feel seen, heard and understood, when people feel emotionally touched, in this state they become more open to receiving your message. So this workshop will support a deepening of your capacity to be present within yourself so rather than speaking at people you really start being with people.

About Anu Azrael
Anu has spent 10+ years training in various therapeutic approaches. He now offers Transformational Speaking Programs in London. He has a deep interest in exploring the connections between the socio-political sphere and the inner realms of psychology & deeper truth.

Please email if you would like attend, noting that there is a maximum capacity of 12 and a minimum of 5. Please note, this event won’t go ahead without 5 attendees confirmed.

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