Protect People & Axe Drax online action (The UK’s No.1 Polluter)


01 July 2020
11:00 - 17:00




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Axe Drax

UK’s Single Biggest Polluter Must Go

Take ✊ action ✊ on 1st July, 11am against Drax Power Station in a coordinated cyber storm, phone swarm and some street action.


If you can, watch one of the screenings of BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal? before 1st July:

Why #AxeDrax?
🏭 Owns Drax Power Station which is the single greatest emitter of CO2 in the UK AND burns more wood than any other plant in the world 🌲πŸ”₯
🏭 Earns over Β£2 million in β€œrenewable electricity subsidies” for biomass from the taxpayer every DAY πŸ’°
🏭 Guilty of a greenwashing with claims of becoming carbon negative by 2030 with carbon capture technology that doesn’t exist πŸ€”
🏭 Plans for new power stations that would lock us into fossil fuels for decades to come 🀯


Biomass basics ▢️

More about Drax ▢️

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