Rebel Futures Film Festival


08 October 2019


20 October 2019





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Rebel Futures Film Festival will be hosted at THE FUTURE IS HERE XR site and the WE ARE CREW site.

Future is Here site: South African Royal Attilery Memorial (London SW1A 2SH)

We Are All Crew site: Marsham Street, Westminster (London SW1P 4DF)

Stay tuned as the whole programme develops. Note: This is a non-ticketed event, but please register your attendance to receive updates on our programme schedule.


Programme Schedule:

Tuesday 8th October (7pm) @ Future Is Here site: Simon Amstell presents Carnage (SITE MOVED TO TRAFALGAR SQUARE)

It’s 2067, the UK is vegan, but older generations are suffering the guilt of their carnivorous past. Simon Amstell asks us to forgive them for the horrors of what they swallowed.

Tuesday 8th October (9pm) @ We Are All Crew site: Dan Cleland (Producer), Ashley Joiner (Director) present Are You Proud?
Are You Proud? documentary brings together rare archive footage and interviews from across a spectrum of historical campaigns to celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) movement’s landmark protests against homophobia and transphobia.

Wednesday 9th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site: Tomorrow
As mankind is threatened by the collapse of the ecosystems, Cyril, Mélanie, Alexandre, Laurent, Raphäel and Antoine, all in their thirties, explore the world in search of solutions that can save their children, and with them, future generations. Using the most successful experiments in every area (agriculture, energy, habitat, economy, education, democracy…) they try to put back together the puzzle which may tell a new story of the future.

Thursday 10th October, 5 pm @ Future is Here site: ACTIVIST FILMMAKING with Sue Clayton – HOW TO PLAN IT, MAKE IT AND SHOW IT!
Filmmaker Sue Clayton, has made over 20 films for social change- cinema films, TV documentaries, TV news, indies and radical campaign commercials. Her films have been screened at media and music festivals, in the street, projected onto state buildings, in Parliament, in the High Court, at the UN in Geneva, in refugee camps, on demos, in peoples’ living rooms, in pubs, clubs, churches, synagogues, at parties, on beaches.. and of course online.
She’s also a Professor at Goldsmiths University where she teaches Social Activist Film. Using her recent films CALAIS CHILDREN and THE STANSTED 15 ON TRIAL she will offer advice on:
– Deciding what kind of film you want to make- straight info, polemic, personal story, reflection?
– How to plan, budget and get it funded.
– Ethical issues- permissions, participatory film-making, democratic processes, working with vulnerable people.
– Tech issues. Equipment, aesthetics and pimping your i-Phone to professional standards

Followed by screening presented by Lucca Messer: Resisting the Genocide: The Indigenous Struggle in Brazil.

Thursday 10th October: (9pm) @ We Are All Crew site: Emma Thompson + cast presents Extinction In the midst of city wide protest, a group of climate activists (Emma Thompson, Rakhee Thakrar, Tom Glynn-Carney) meet with a senior conservative MP (Nicholas Rowe, Charlotte Hamblin) to discuss their demands. The seas are rising, the world is ending, but life continues. This is a comedy about climate change.”

Friday 11th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site: Land Awakening Volunteering at organic farms in the Mediterranean, Mexican-Canadian filmmaker Raúl Álvarez embarks on a filming odyssey to learn about organic agriculture and alternative methodologies to grow and gather food, creating an inspiring film about the generosity of the land but also about his own life transformation. Donations welcome.

Friday 11th October: (9pm) @ We Are All Crew site: Ethiopia Rising The story of the phenomenal transformation of a nation told through the experience of one man, Aba Hawi. He leads his village in a struggle against drought, famine and conflict to secure their future.

Saturday 12th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site: Ahmed Faid and Nii Lartey, co-founders of Dose of Society , a socially powered video platform exploring various topics, present their platform and discuss the value of maintaining an open dialogue to ensure that democracy and freedom of speech remain core values in our society

Followed by screening of This Changes Everything What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world? Filmed over 211 shoot days in nine countries and five continents over four years, This Changes Everything is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change.

Alternative: Occupy Love

Sunday 13th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site: The Economics of Happiness (abridged version)

Monday 14th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site: Omer Sami presents Sam and the Plant Next Door

Tuesday 15th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site: Mike Day presents The Islands and the Whales

Tuesday 15th October (7pm) @ We Are All Crew site: Thank You For the Rain

Wednesday 16th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site: Age of Smoke: Painting a Predator

Thursday 17th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site: Sam Vartek presents Blue Gold – World Water Wars

Friday 18th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site:

Saturday 19th October (XXpm) @ Future is Here site:


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