Regenerative Culture Local Hub Peer Support Meeting


13 June 2019


25 July 2019


Extinction Rebellion Regenerative Culture, London, United Kingdom

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Extinction Rebellion Regenerative Culture

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This meeting is for anyone interested in regenerative culture at the local, working, affinity group level.

It is a space to share ideas, resources, concerns, skills, collaborate and support each other as we pave the way to creating a wholesome, compassionate and resilient culture during action, post action, and in our communities.

We will explore what a regenerative culture looks and feels like during actions, during our local meetings and within our communities. This is also a place to receive updates on what resources and support networks are available to you. We welcome any ideas and feedback you have to bring!


We are deeply grateful to all those that have bravely committed themselves to supporting non-violent direct action, challenging the existing system and building within it our vision of a regenerative culture!

Thousands of people have been working in highly pressured and stressed environments, witnessing or being arrested, exposed to trauma, sleep deprivation, yet we keep working with passion and vigour, held by connection to each other, our values and nature.

Whilst in the warm nest of rebellion, comforted and held by the connection to each other and a collective purpose, we can easily neglect paying attention to how this is affecting us, in our mind, heart, and body, and doing those things that nourish us.

We acknowledge the stress managing work life, activist life and personal life (although often not mutually exclusive) may have on our mental and physical health, and can lead to grief, burnout and trauma.

We believe that creating spaces to explore and allow for the completeness of our experiences and consciously process them, individually and collectively, we have an opportunity to heal, learn and grow greater resilience.

We have also created resources, guidelines and spaces to engage in those regenerative practices.

Love and Gratitude
XR Local Regen Hub

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