Requiem for a Dead Planet “Newspapers – Tell the Truth”


19 July 2019
12:30 - 14:30


In London Northcliffe House, Derry Street and across the UK

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion UK


In London – outside Northcliffe House, Derry Street, which is where the Independent, The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, London Live, the Evening Standard and the Metro are all based.

Outside London – outside local newspaper offices in town and cities across the UK.


The first demand of the Extinction Rebellion is that the Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.

We know that to save humanity and nature from climate & ecological devastation, we need the full support of the media, to ensure the government has the social and political permission to undertake the deeply profound urgent societal changes necessary.

We are therefore staging a peaceful Requiem action and die-in outside Northcliffe House, Derry Street, London, which is home to many national and London media groups including the Daily Mail, the Independent, The Metro, The Evening Standard, London Live, The Mail Online and The Mail on Sunday.

We are calling on all our newspapers to declare a climate / ecological emergency and to put the full resources of their papers behind saving humanity from climate catastrophe and ecological collapse, and protect what is left of the natural world.

We welcome local XR groups staging similar “Requiem for a “Dead Planet – Newspapers Tell the Truth on Climate Emergency” actions outside their local newspaper offices across the UK.

The event will include Requiem Music, a Eulogy for lost animals & species and stories of some of those humans who have already died from climate breakdown.

Mute 3 Buddhas – See No Evil – Hear No Evil – Speak No Evil

Speeches outlining the urgent need for the media to tell the truth and to energetically campaign for the radical transformative actions needed to achieve XR demand for zero carbon by 2025.

What to wear

Please come dressed in black & white as for a funeral.

We will be handing out letters of condolence to newspaper staff at the actions, urging them to join the Extinction Rebellion and outlining the reasons why.

We will be sending letters by registered post to the editors of the targeted newspapers prior to the action, seeking a meeting with XR reps.

And we are asking people across the UK to write to their local newspaper letters page with our demands.

Protest Demands

1. Editor and senior deputies to meet deputation from local/national XR group.
2. Newspaper to declare in its editorial that it is officially declaring a climate/ecological emergency
3. Commits to prioritising its editorial resources to demanding/enabling urgent action on the crises
4. Agree to immediately go fossil-fuel corporation advert free.
5. Agree to become flight advert free within one year and cease all high-carbon advertising (meat /cars) within two years.
6. Agree to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2025.
7. Agree use only 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper within 3 years.
8. Train editors, sub-editors and journalists in all departments on how to cover the emergencies with the depth, accuracy and urgency required to save Britain, the wider global climate and what is left of nature.
9. To support call for government tax on social media corporations to fund high-carbon advert free newspapers.

Credit: David Charles Trigg.

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