Sound the Alarm & Raise the Flag – Election Rebellion!


01 December 2019


12 December 2019




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Extinction Rebellion London


Sunday 1st December marks the beginning of the next phase of our Rebellion against government inaction on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Suggested go time is 11am, if you, your Affinity, Local or Regional Group plan on doing this action please e-mail with the place you’re raising your flag and a brief description of the action (if you like) so the UK Media & Messaging team can report your action to the national press.

We are now in a state of Election Rebellion. This is an election like no other. This is the first climate election – and our future depends on it.

With air raid sirens, pots and pans, sound systems, fire alarms and more, Extinction Rebellion groups across the UK are planning to Sound the Alarm in their local areas and usher in our 12 Days of Crisis.

Raise the Flag of Extinction on public buildings, schools, offices, town halls and landmarks – with permission or not. Imagine if XR flags were raised across the country, all on the same day. This is a Rebellion against the very real future of a decimated planet.

Floods are destroying people’s lives once again this weekend across the country. Millions of tonnes of crops are rotting in drowned fields, with prices of staple goods set to rise as a result. Australia and California have just suffered excruciating wildfires. Large parts of India are recovering from crippling drought. This is happening now.

As climate rebels, we have a duty to exert pressure on this election. To ensure the Climate Emergency is the number one issue on voter’s minds when they cast their ballot in three weeks – and to demand the major parties sign the Three Demands Bill.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

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