Summer Uprising – ACT NOW! | Bristol Occupation by XR Southwest


15 July 2019
09:00 (UTC +01:00)


19 July 2019
18:00 (UTC +01:00)


Bristol, United Kingdom, Bristol, United Kingdom

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Bristol

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>>> https://Rebellion.Earth/mushroom

The Worldwide Rebellion starts 7 October:
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Starting Monday 15 July, we will rise up in an organic, decentralised and coordinated action across England, Scotland and Wales with one main message: ACT NOW! ⏳⏳⏳

For five consecutive days, rebels from Bristol and the South West, will disrupt key transport routes and occupy spaces in central Bristol. Our demand is that national and local governments ACT NOW to halt biodiversity loss and cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

The occupation is part of the national campaign: ‘ Summer Uprising – ACT NOW!’. Synchronised actions are taking place in Cardiff, London, Leeds and Glasgow.


– MONDAY: Bristol Bridge Occupation
– TUESDAY: XR Youth College Green Occupation
– WEDNESDAY: Swarming and Critical Mass Bike Ride
– THURSDAY & FRIDAY: stay tuned

– 11AM, People’s Assembly and Family Friendly Activities (except first day)
– 12PM, NVDA Trainings
– 4PM, Family Friendly Activities

There will be arts, music, talks, workshops, people’s assemblies, guerilla gardening, marches, performances, solutions zones and non-violent direct action.

This treasure-trove of creative, including plenty of participatory family friendly activities, will bring home the urgency of climate and ecological breakdown.

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This is the next phase of the Rebellion, and it will be as large, if not larger, than the International Rebellion in London, but distributed across the UK. For it to be successful, we need everyone’s commitment.

To organise effectively we need to know that we can count on YOU!

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We invite EVERYONE, and every part of everyone, to join us for this week of beautiful rebellion. Together we can change our world by reclaiming our public spaces!

We do not take disruption lightly. We act because there is no time to delay. We rebel for life.


Even if you aren’t Bristol based, we encourage you to join us.

There will be a camping area in Castle Park open to rebels from all across the Southwest and Bristolians too.

The camp-site and its toilets will be accessible for wheelchair users and alternative sleeping arrangements are available for those who cannot camp.

If you prefer alternative accommodation, you can arrange your own or make a request here:

If you live in Bristol and are able to host incoming rebels please let us know here:



Parliament and many UK councils have declared a climate and ecological emergency, but their actions do not match their words. The government’s commitment to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2050 is an alarmingly insufficient response. In the Global South, water shortages, famine, extreme weather and conflicts over dwindling resources are already commonplace. Britain’s food security is at risk. Our children’s future is at stake.

Yet the UK government and local councils continue to encourage ecologically damaging projects, such as airport expansions, HS2, fracking and oil exploration, while blocking and taxing sustainable alternatives.


Each city will highlight a different aspect of the ecological crisis. In Bristol the focus is rising sea levels. This reflects the city’s maritime history and its risk of floods, which NASA research warns are likely to be a regular occurrence by 2050 if climate breakdown isn’t urgently addressed. 22,300 residential Bristol properties will be at risk, and flooding is likely to affect power stations.


Please select ‘going’ to this event (or ‘interested’) and share it on your personal feed and messaging apps to spread the word among your family, friends and acquaintances.

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Each of the five actions are being organised independently and operate on different schedules, so stay tuned to the main Extinction Rebellion UK page as well as local XR websites and social media channels for each plan:

• Extinction Rebellion Bristol
• Cardiff Extinction Rebellion
• Extinction Rebellion Scotland
• Extinction Rebellion Leeds
• Extinction Rebellion London

However, we can guarantee civil disobedience, family friendly spaces, love and music and an object of significance to be core elements at every site.


Codename ‘Project Mushroom’ was chosen for this action as a metaphor for how the ‘spores’ from the International Rebellion in London have spread across the nation to ‘sprout’ similar major protests in other locations.

It also symbolises how a national underground ‘mycelium’ network of communication and support has developed.

Just like a natural fungi network, XR is de-centralised, well-organised, organic, connected and coordinated.


Extinction Rebellion is a non-violent, international movement that aims to achieve the radical changes needed to minimise ecological collapse and the risk of human and animal extinction.

For more information on Extinction Rebellion in Bristol, including our meetings, events and future actions, visit:

Visit https://Rebellion.Earth to learn more about our demands, who we are and our theory of change.

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