Summer Uprising – ACT NOW | London Action


15 July 2019
09:00 (UTC +01:00)


19 July 2019
12:00 (UTC +01:00)


London - see details in the description below

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Extinction Rebellion London

In April 2019 Rebels came together in London in beautiful Rebellion against the Government for its criminal inaction in the face of climate and ecological collapse. Since then we have continued to grow, and built a truly consolidated and decentralised network throughout the UK.

Monday 15th July will be our biggest coordinated day of action to take place in five major cities simultaneously. We will be taking to the streets as a decentralised and autonomous network, to demand the system of British institutions responsible for our safety #ActNow.

We will demand that local and national governments #ActNow, in line with our second demand. We need to see urgent and immediate action on climate and biodiversity breakdown.



– Get warmed up at the East London Uprising Occupation 12th-14th July
– Training and briefing session for the Summer Uprising, Sunday 14th July, 3.30-5pm in the XR Training Tent, South side of London Fields, E8 3HQ
– Royal Courts of Justice, 9.00am, Monday 15th July: speakers and performers throughout the day. Wear blue and bring flags.
– 6pm Procession through the streets to a central London park (bring your bike!)
– Then camping/holding the space at a central London park for 3 days of workshops, talks and daily actions.
– London Tax Rebellion Declaration, Thursday 18th July, GLA City Hall
– Procession to Parliament Square to join XR Youth, Friday 19th July


In London, the week of protests will start at 9.00am Monday 15th July, outside the Royal Courts of Justice to demand the legal system take responsibility in this crisis, and ensure the safety of future generations. We will go there with a clear and simple demand: make ecocide law. We will be there in alignment with the noble work of Polly Higgins who fought for many years to legally recognise ecocide, and pursue action against those destroying the natural environment, especially when deliberate. In making ecocide law, the role the UK legal system can play in averting catastrophe is clear. We must take to the streets to make sure those responsible for upholding the law, are doing so in a meaningful way.

Following a series of high profile speakers and performances outside the Royal Courts of Justice, we will take our message through the streets in a parade to a central London park, where we will stay until the morning of Friday 19th July.
Daily workshops, educational speakers and NVDA trainings will take place at the camp.
Each day will begin with a People’s Assembly.
We will be camping out overnight all week so please bring all necessary equipment for this.
During this time there will be a series of satellite actions throughout the city including swarming, a critical mass bike ride (bring your bikes), as well as the unveiling of our London Tax Rebellion Declaration outside the Greater London Assembly building on Thursday 18th.

Following these action days, we will lead another procession on Friday morning through the streets of London to join the Youth Strike in Parliament Square. Our youngest generations are leading the way in demonstrating what we must do to see necessary action. They will not stand and watch silently while the government fails to take action in the face of disaster. We must support them in their calls for action.

For full details of this week of action, please come to a briefing on Sunday 14th July, 15:30-17:00 in the XR Training Tent, South side of London Fields, E8 3HQ. This will include more information about the week ahead, and what you can do to support the Summer Uprising. The Rebellion will not happen without all of us taking responsibility for it. We can no longer sit and wait for others to take the lead; we must all Act Now.

We do not take disruption lightly. We act because there is no time to delay.

Get your banners and bounty and bravery (and bikes!) at the ready. Expect amazing voices, powerful speakers, dynamic music… we’ll see you on the streets, rebels.

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