The Air We Grieve


09 December 2019
07:00 - 16:00


Euston Square Gardens, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion London


Two million people are living with illegal air pollution in London today, including 400,000 children. Toxic air contributes to between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths a year across the UK. Worldwide, air pollution kills an estimated seven million people annually.

We are all vulnerable in this time of crisis.

The air we are breathing is no longer safe, let’s protest against the negligence of this government, and honour those lives that have been lost to the carelessness of climate inaction.

On Monday 9th December, join us to create an artistic and striking ROADBLOCK on a highly polluted street in London. We will gather at Euston Square Gardens from 7am!

With performance, dynamic imagery, and creative messaging, this action will be a sombre and potent statement to whichever government comes into power this election season.

This is a vital moment of humanity; an opportunity to communicate our resistance and our passion to those people who are offering themselves forth as representatives of this country.

Let us not miss this moment. This is the time to ACT NOW.

Please follow our Telegram Broadcast channel to hear up-to-date news about this action, and to know more about how to be involved:

This is an action to bring attention to the hazardous air we are breathing, the lives that are being lost, and the power of coming together to advocate for all. We hope you will join us.

Watch this space for sister events in other cities throughout the UK!

* Data referenced from ‘Air Pollution Falling, London Millions Still Exposed’, UK Public Health Evidence Review, WHO Air Pollution, and Mums For Lungs

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