The Beacon – XR at Westminster Bridge


13 October 2019
07:30 - 23:00


XR The Beacon, London, United Kingdom



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XR The Beacon

We’re in a climate emergency. We face soaring temperatures, rising seas, and devastating climate destruction.

People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. The sixth mass extinction has begun. In the global south and across the world extreme weather events are more frequent and deadly. But still our government continues to neglect its people, through inaction and reliance on an environmentally destructive system. They have failed us.

Time is running out, and THE TRUTH DEMANDS ACTION. Our ship is headed for a course of total destruction if we fail to ACT NOW. With our world at threat of sinking, it’s down to us, the people, to steer this ship to safety. Because as our seas rise, so will we. It’s time to light The Beacon, to shine a light on the climate emergency, and guide our planet to safe harbour. Because if we ACT NOW, we can limit the destruction faced by a total climate catastrophe.

On October 7th, join us as we march in procession from Trafalgar Square’s Burning Earth, towards The Beacon at Westminster Bridge. Expressing our solidarity, connection and compassion towards the people and species on the edge of destruction, the march will feature art, talks and performances, as we carry our hopes, our words and join in unity with people across the world, demanding those in power and the 1% make the changes needed to avert the worst climate catastrophe.

The people are rising.

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