Tree and Plant giveaway by Hounslow Extinction Rebellion


11 April 2020
11:00 - 16:00





hosted by

Hounslow Extinction Rebellion


We are facing an unprecedented Global Climate Emergency.

One part of the solution to this crisis is to GROW FOOD LOCALLY or GROW YOUR OWN and to RE-GREEN and REWILD particularly in cities and urban areas, planting trees and wildflowers in gardens to create green corridors so that wildlife can return and be supported.

To get the process started locally and to help get the conversation we need going, Hounslow Extinction Rebellion is organising a FREE plant and tree give away. Come to Hounslow High Street to pick up or swap plants and to pick up advice and information on what you can grow in an urban environment.

For example you can grow LETTUCE, STRAWBERRIES and many HERBS on a windowsill, even if you have no outdoor space, providing access to nutritious food with zero air miles travelled in their production.

Things like TOMATOES, BEETROOT and SPINACH grow just as well in old buckets or cartons on a balcony as they do in a garden.

If you have access to outdoor ground to plant in the possibilities are endless. Grow your own GARLIC, CHILIES, ONIONS etc., while CABBAGE, BROCCOLI, KALE and CHARD are easy to grow in any patch of ground and can be harvested a few leaves at a time all year round.

We are asking keen gardeners to join us and to plant a few extra seeds, then BRING SPARE SEEDLINGS & PLANTS TO GIVE AWAY and share the joy of growing your own food. We are particularly keen to give out plants grown in old pots and containers to also spread the message of #Reduce, #Reuse and #Recycle.

We also have some young OAK TREES and SWEET CHESTNUT TREES to give away. An oak tree takes hundreds of years to mature and is host to and sustains the widest variety of biodiversity. Please drop by to collect a seedling if you have space to plant and nurture it, as planting a tree is your precious long term gift to future generations as is acting now to address and combat the #EcologicalEmergency facing us and our children and our children’s children’s children.

Join us for a fun community day with arts, music, talks and information.


“There is a magic machine, that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little, builds itself, it’s called…..a tree!” – George Monbiot

On Saturday 11th April, join us in Hounslow to pick up a tree or a plant and to learn more about #Regreening #OurPlanet.

We are hoping to also invite speakers and experts to talk about #rewilding and #growing and to organise creative activities for children & families celebrating our wonderful trees, plants and planet! Please get in touch if you’d like to help out or share your knowledge and expertise, or have plants and skills to share.

Open to anyone, for as long or short a time as you would like to stay. Please come and say hello!

Schedule for the day: (TBC)
Speakers: (TBC)
Musicians: (TBC)
Kids activities (TBC)

Join us for this fun community building, information sharing day, where we can learn and share the truth about the #ClimateEmergency, what our Local and Central Government are doing about it and what we can all do about it, together, to #SaveOurPlanet.

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