Wellbeing Tent at The East London Uprising


13 July 2019
12:00 (UTC +01:00)


14 July 2019
16:00 (UTC +01:00)


London Fields, London, United Kingdom

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion London

The Wellbeing and Regenerative Culture Tent is an area of the East London Uprising, which is a weekend of play, protest and education on July 12th – 14th that will feature arts, music, talks, workshops, guerrilla gardening, performances and marches, solutions area and non-violent direct action across East London.

Wellbeing is an essential part of any action we take in Extinction Rebellion. We provide resource and care to support those
rebels that push themselves and work so hard to make events and actions like the East London Uprising so spectacular and so successful. We are building for the present and for the
future, helping to prepare people to stay connected and resilient so they can keep going, keep active and not get burnt out.

The world needs all people taking on this climate emergency to be well rested, well nourished and well free of feelings that discourage and keep them separate. Everyone, rebel new, rebel old or not sure about the rebel thing is welcome to come and
take part in a whole host of wonderful and
caring activities, talks and sessions.

12-1pm Tell The Truth Meditation Workshop
How we hold ourselves and our truth in these times.

1-2pm Anne Malones Oasis of Sound

2-3pm Introduction to the Wheel of Consent
Understanding needs and limits and how to express them.

3-4 pm Stories of Hope and Courage
Building resilience through hope and connection.

4-5pm Power of platonic touch for relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation.

5-6 pm Menstrual cycle awareness as self-care, renewal and resistance.

10-11am Morning Rave

11-12am Vinyasa flow yoga

12-1pm Introduction to Non-Violent Communication.
How we can better connect and empathise with others to build cohesion and community in this time of climate breakdown.

1-2pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga

2-3pm Deep Adaptation: Grief Work

3-4 pm Qi gong meditation

The Wellbeing Tent will have someone to greet and guide you throughout the festival.

We will also be providing a listening service at the ‘Listening Station’ near the main tent where any feelings, ideas, worries, questions or thoughts, connected to the climate emergency will be enthusiastically and lovingly listened to by our brilliant team of active listeners.


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