XR Circle of Counsel – Questions & Reflections on the Rebellion


26 April 2019
17:00 - 18:30 (UTC +01:00)



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion

This is the second gathering of the XR Circle of Counsel, which includes internationally renowned rebels, authors, facilitators and mischief-makers.

Time is TBD and may change.

The intention is to hold the XR Circle of Counsel every waxing moon and every waning moon (so approx every 2 weeks).

You are invited to submit questions for the ⭕️of Counsel to xr-counsel@protonmail.ch

Join our esteemed guests from around the world, as they discuss and share their wisdom with the XR community. The ⭕️of Counsel provides the XR community with an opportunity to reflect on what XR is and what we could become…


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