XR East London; Children’s Assembly


12 July 2019
17:00 - 18:00 (UTC +01:00)


Hackney Town Hall

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Families

The Children’s Assembly is part of the East London Uprising, a weekend of play, protest and education on July 12th – 14th that will feature arts, music, talks, workshops, guerrilla gardening, performances and marches, solutions area and non-violent direct action across East London.

East London Children’s Assembly – The Air that I Grieve – 12th July 2019

When?​​ Friday 12th July, 5pm – 6pm*

Where? ​​In front of Hackney Town Hall

Why? ​To listen to the voices of East London Uprising Extinction Rebellion Hackney (EAST LDN) and young people, about the solutions they want to the air pollution and the climate crisis. Politicians and other adults from five East London boroughs (Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Havering, Newham) will be there to listen to the children.

Who?​ Children and young people of any age can take part. Under-16s should be accompanied by an adult, who may join the assembly to support their child if needed, but try to take a back seat. Briefing notes for adult supporters will be provided. Please bring a water bottle, snack and sun cream for your child.

How? ​The assembly will be supported by adults but child-led, with a team of young facilitators** trained to listen to and record the views of other children. It will begin with a briefing, followed by small-group discussions facilitated by children. The groups will share their ideas and these will be fed back to the whole assembly at the end. The ideas will be recorded in creative ways by the young people themselves, so they can be shared widely afterwards and acted on! e.g. in a visual format for display and in the form of a report for local politicians.

*Timings are a bit approximate, the assembly will run for one hour but will begin when children have arrived from the march. We understand that younger children may need to do less than an hour and they are welcome to dip in and out if necessary and will still have their views noted.

**Facilitator training: Tuesday 9th July 3.45-4.45pm for 10-16 year olds, a limited number of places are still available – contact Rachel.warrington@gmail.com if interested.


Here in East London, children are growing up with stunted lungs and people are dying from the deadly air pollution, while government inaction on the climate crisis is pushing us toward a catastrophic future. The climate crisis that threatens life on Earth, and the dirty air that is killing so many people, share the same cause – primarily the burning of fossil fuels. What’s more, they share the same solutions. We need to act now on a local as well as a national and global level! And we need to listen to the voices of children, some of the worst affected by these crises because their present and future are at stake.

The assembly will take place at the end of the East London March for Clean Air and Climate:
‘The Air that Grieve’

The aims of the march are to get East London working together, creatively, to cut carbon to net zero by 2025 and restore biodiversity, specifically:

– Get the East London boroughs to work together creatively to put urgent action on air pollution and carbon emissions into practice.

– Doing this in a fair way that helps make East London a better place for everyone to live

– Tell the truth – Councils and the Greater London Authority must reverse or stop decisions that are inconsistent with the truth of the crises we are facing and put in place consistent policies.

– Stop the cement factory proposal in Bow Yard and instead build environmentally positive infrastructure like a nature park and/or affordable housing.

Thank you for your support, please share this event, we look forward to meeting you.

Links of how to contact us

Twitter: @XRFamilies @XRHackney
Email: xrhackneyfamilies@gmail.com

Instagram @XRhackney @xr_families_london

Extinction Rebellion Families
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