XR Families In The Park


24 August 2019
14:00 - 16:00 (UTC +01:00)


Vivary Park, Taunton, United Kingdom

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Taunton Page

Concerned about climate change & Ecological Breakdown?

Come and be with others who feel the same.

Share. Support. Play. Chat. Reflect. Learn.

Saturday 24th August
2 – 4pm
Vivary Park by the bandstand.

Maybe a peoples assembly to brainstorm fun, family focused future events/ gatherings?

Please bring toys & home baked goodies to share : )

All Welcome.

We hope to provide a safe and enjoyable space for families to come and share their concerns, meet other families who undoubtedly share the same worries, and to begin to build the communities we so desperately need for our children, who are to grow up in a very different world.

We have organised sunshine for the day & are hoping that a storyteller may come along. If we happen to have anyone amongst us who can play a bit of guitar and sing (or something similar) or would like to set up & facilitate a forest school type activity, that would be really lovely.

In true XR style if anyone would be able to do some baking we would be very grateful.

Extinction Rebellion is a movement of the people. Come and be part of the movement that holds the key to bring about the system change we need. In the wise words of Greta Thunberg, “we can’t change the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.”

Non-violent direct action has been shown throughout history, by movements such as the Suffragettes, Ghandi & Martin Luther king to be the quickest & most effective way to bring about change.

We would love to introduce you to a peoples assembly, it would be a little insight into the Citizens assemblies that we (XR) are asking for as our 3rd Demand of the government. XR Taunton are hoping to encourage our Local councils to use such methods of decision making.

Please help to get the word out, tell everyone, & if you are able to print the poster, please get them up in/near schools, playgroups, nurseries, notices boards, shops & anywhere else you can think of.

Please email extinctionrebelliontaunton@riseup.net if you would like us to email the poster to you or if you have any ideas or questions.

If you are not able to print but would like to get some out, please email us.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Thank you


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