XR International Mothers’ Day March


12 May 2019
12:00 - 15:00 (UTC +01:00)


Hyde Park Corner, London, W1J 7, United Kingdom

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion

Mothers rise up!

This is for the mother who read about the IPCC report and wept.
For the mother who realised Climate Change just got personal.
This is for the mother who can’t hold her children tight enough when she thinks of their future.
For the mother who has had enough of feeling helpless.
This is for the mother who can bear the inaction of our Government no longer.
This is for the mother who is called to ACT NOW!
Whose instinct to protect is burning to find expression.
Who is looking for allies in this race against time.
This is for the mother whose feet are already moving.
This is YOUR march!

On INTERNATIONAL MOTHER’S DAY we will come together and rise as a maternal force to be reckoned with! With pushchairs and song we will march from Trafalgar Square to Westminster and unleash the mighty roar of the lioness. We will demand that our Government takes immediate action to make our lives fully sustainable through effective green policies and incentives. We will work together to forge a future worthy of our children.

Action: We will form a circle of love and protection around a large oversized pushchair on Parliament Square, where a beautiful ceremony of speeches and song will be held in solidarity for mothers already affected by climate change.

For those who wish to congregate at Parliament Square, in solidarity for mothers already affected by climate change, a beautiful ceremony of speeches and song will be held there.

We welcome anyone who is moved by the love of their children to protest, grandmothers, aunties, child-minders, friends, those yet to have children, those who have chosen not to have children, every one of us counts! Fathers are welcome to come and support.

Bring decorated pushchairs (empty or occupied), your children’s paintings, banners, your incredible voice, creativity and energy.

Help would be appreciated with creating, organising or promoting this event, so do please spread the word and get in touch if you’d like to get involved. We’d love to have you on board! Contact – xrsocialmediaevents@gmail.com

95 countries celebrate Mothers’ day on Sunday May 12th, many of them in the global South are already affected by climate change. By marching on this significant date we will show our solidarity and create an important opportunity to make this event INTERNATIONAL!

If you have any contacts abroad that could help organise a march or get Mums to come together in some other context on this day, please get in touch. Let’s reach out and unite across the globe! Contact – xrsocialmediaevents@gmail.com

There is no greater power than a mother’s love!

Photo credit: Francesca E. Harris


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