XR Online Post-Action Debrief Talking Circles


24 April 2019
18:30 (UTC +01:00)


29 May 2019
20:30 (UTC +01:00)

This event was cancelled.


Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/3131197209

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Regenerative Culture

To join these online talking circles please use this link at the time of the events: https://zoom.us/j/3131197209

Dear XR community,

During this ongoing Rebellion many of us have bravely committed ourselves to non-violent direct action to challenge the existing system and build within it our vision of a regenerative culture.

Protecting our sites of rebellion and creating ‘the beautiful world our hearts know is possible’ has meant many rebels, conscientious protectors and XR supporters have:

– Been arrested,
– Witnessed arrests,
– Know someone who was arrested
– Faced stress and high adrenaline whether organising in the office or on the streets
– Experienced the pressure of decision making and navigating potential conflict
– Felt the pressure of a heart felt duty possibly pushing ourselves beyond our capacities – under sleeping and over working

…often for days on end.

Furthermore whilst in the warm nest of rebellion, comforted and held by the connection to each other and a collective purpose, we can easily neglect paying attention to how this is affecting us, in our mind, heart, and body, and doing those things that nourish us.

We acknowledge the many emotional challenges arising out of rebellion. Sadly it is not uncommon in activism to have experiences such as burnout, trauma and grief.

We believe that if we create spaces to explore and allow for the completeness of our experiences and consciously process them, individually and collectively, we have an opportunity to compost these difficulties to provide nutrients for new growth, healing and resilience.

We have created resources, guidelines and spaces to engage in those regenerative practices.

This event is one of those spaces, a series of facilitated online talking circles.

These talking circles are for you if you have been participating in the XR Rebellion and have therefore been involved in actions, supported actions, or been in stressful situations.

Other Talking Circles are happening with a more specific focus on Post-Arrest support : https://www.facebook.com/events/381933432398786/

These will be ongoing, so more dates and time will be added.


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