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07 October 2019


20 October 2019


The Future is Now site - Location TBC



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Extinction Rebellion Lambeth - Events

We’re very excited to be hosting a street piano at *The Future is Now* Extinction Rebellion site this October. It is open to anyone that wants to play! We’d love to invite as many of you as possible to perform – any level of experience is welcome; from seasoned concert pianists to children & beginners. We’re hoping to have a programme with some fixed slots for more experienced performers, but we’ll also have it available for anyone to step up and play the rest of the time. Bring along whatever music you want – the more variety of styles the better, and ensembles/bands are very welcome too! The piano will be an upright one, and we’ll tune it at the start of the rebellion, but please bear in mind that since this will be outdoors (with gazebo in case of rain) we can’t promise that the piano will be in perfect condition from beginning to end.

The piano will form part of a street barricade, thus serving to block the road of the rebellion site but it will also be on wheels so we can move it in case of emergencies. In this way, rebel pianists will have the very important role to both physically assist the structure of the site through the performance, as well creating a musical atmosphere for people to join in through improvised music, song, dance or as audience.

The famous Piano Keys Stairs in Valparaíso, Chile, as captured in the image of the event (photo credit: https://www.encirclephotos.com) is an invitation to all rebel pianists thinking about jumping in to consider: performing for the people holding site, to help us raise awareness about the climate emergency through music, to be part of the heart and soul of XR’s non-violent direct action through creative performance and for everyone to have a good time doing this.

If you’d like to be included in the programme of fixed slots please email the site’s programming team here xrfutureprogramming@proton.com

The exact venue will be in central London and will be confirmed via e-mail.

The October rebellion will start on the 7th of October and is planned to go on for at least two weeks so plenty of slots to choose from.


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