XR Solidarity with the International Day of Peasants’ Struggle


17 April 2019
10:00 - 18:00 (UTC +01:00)


Extinction Rebellion UK

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Extinction Rebellion UK

On the 17th April Extinction Rebellion UK will dedicate a day of action in solidarity with the International Day of peasant struggle.

*If you’d like to contribute to this day please read the description below, then email: xr17april@protonmail.com*

On this day we will be highlighting the links between our food system, land use, climate chaos and the ecological crisis. Making up the majority of the populations in many majority world countries, peasants contribute least to climate change and the ecological crisis yet are at the frontline of its impacts due to increases in droughts, flooding, storms and disease.

Many people around the world are working on an alternative to this disastrous and deteriorating future – farmers, scientists, chefs, community activists and so on. Together they are practicing a set of farm practices called agroecology; and a range of social priorities called food sovereignty. Peasants and small-scale farmers are holding many of the solutions to the climate emergency and also solutions that will benefit wildlife and improve peoples lives around the world and have been leading the struggle for food security for several decades and this is what we want to highlight on this day

Extinction Rebellion UK are working together with the Landworkers’ Alliance which is the UK branch of the international union La Via Campesina and our colleagues at SMERJAPIC-WA in Ghana are organising a banner raising for food security. We are inviting XR groups from across the world to make links with their local branches of Via Campesina who have been leading this movement for decades.

In central London we will be dedicating one of the planned blockades to highlight food security and peasant struggle and have speakers from the Landworkers Alliance and other groups on site. This will be a place for those who can to come together to gather on the day, though it will only be a part of a bigger rebellion

We are inviting groups, networks and communities to, wherever they are, come together to plant a tree, a small garden or in any other way take practical steps towards engaging in our food systems as a part of the rebellion and send us pictures or videos of them doing it to xr17april@protonmail.com in order to make it visible to the world

More features and details to follow closer to the day.

If you want to contribute to this day please email: xr17april@protonmail.com

This action is part of International Rebellion and International Rebellion UK – Shut Down London!.

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