Youth & Children’s Assembly


10 October 2019
17:00 - 18:00


Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5, United Kingdom


Action, Meeting

Action, Meeting

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Families

Calling all young rebels! What are your dreams for the future? What changes do you want to see?

Join our Youth & Children’s Assembly during the Rebellion on Thursday October 10, to make your voice heard, connect with other young rebels and share your hopes and ideas for the future.

Come by at 16:00 if you want to to learn how to lead an assemlby and gain the skills you need to run your own! After the training you can help lead the assembly.

What is a Youth & Children’s Assembly?
“A Children’s Assembly is a gathering of children in an allocated space to share their ideas about an issue that is proposed (e.g. climate crisis.) Facilitators help children get together and talk and listen in small groups, the facilitators also ask questions relevant to the topic to get the children thinking. They pick the top ideas in their groups and those ideas are then proposed to the entire assembly, inviting whether they agree or disagree or if they need something clarified” (Alfie, 14, Facilitator)

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