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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 12 – A Paradigm Shift, with Jeremy Lent

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Many people in the climate movement wonder why it’s so hard to get our message through. Could part of the problem be buried in the very language we use? In this episode we’re talking to Jeremy Lent, the author of The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity’s Search for Meaning. His work investigates the patterns of thought that have led our civilization to its current crisis of sustainability. In this conversation we discuss the key metaphors that govern how we think and why…

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Global Newsletter #39

Dear rebels, Since its inception, a central goal of our movement has been to bring thousands of people from all walks of life out onto the streets, day after day, to peacefully engage in civil disobedience. This is how we wooed the world’s media, shifted public consciousness, and brought complacent government representatives to the table. Now Covid has brought that tactic to a temporary, yet possibly lengthy, close. The streets of our capitals are no longer a safe place for mass protest, however noble the cause. But us rebels are a restless and ingenious lot! This issue we report on…

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XR Unchained 14

6 MAY | Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece Every night since May 6, rebels and other environmental activists have held a socially distanced vigil outside the Greek parliament building.  They are demanding the withdrawal of a new law, the so-called ‘Modernization of the Environmental Legislation’, which XR Hellas (Greece) says “effectively withdraws environmental regulations so that new ‘investments’ can be made that will destroy the country’s environment for the sake of short-term profit.” The law permits oil exploration in the Ionian Sea, the Epirus region, the Corinthian Gulf and Crete. It legalises previously banned construction in forests, wetlands and streams,…

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 11 – “Less is More”, with Jason Hickel

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic We live in a society addicted to growth, yet on a planet with finite resources. Something needs to give. The Extinction Rebellion Podcast talks to a star of the degrowth movement, Jason Hickel. Jason is an academic and the author of The Divide and the upcoming book, Less is More: Why Degrowth Will Save the World. Presenters – Jessica Townsend, Will Producer / Editor – Bill Leuty Social Media Producer – Barney Weston Listen to the latest episode of the Extinction Rebellion Podcast. View Extinction Rebellion’s…

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 10 – 2050 is Too Late, with Kevin Anderson

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic We need to act now if we want to avoid overwhelming climate and ecological breakdown. So why does the government tell us we’ve got until 2050? In this episode we’re exploring the government’s 2050 net zero emissions target and why that timeline endangers not only humans, but every other species on the planet. We’ll talk about the science that shows us we need to act much sooner, and discuss some of the political and economic obstacles to achieving a more ambitious target – like…

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UK Newsletter 14: No Going Back

 (Sign up for the newsletter here) Dear rebels, Six weeks into this pandemic and many of us are feeling the strain. This crisis lays bare the vast vulnerability and grave injustices in our system.   Some of us may also feel unsettled in our path as rebels. There is a sense of frustration at a prolonged absence from the streets and confusion about where to go next.  But if there is one thing that this crisis has made clear, it is that there is no going back. No going back to business as usual that pushes us further and…

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