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Newsletter 36: Waves of Worldwide Webellion

Dearest rebels, Whether you swoon for Valentine’s Day or think it represents everything that’s wrong with the world, we hope you’ll accept this newsletter as a message of affection from us to you; putting the ‘love’ into ‘Love and Rage’. Today, we are proud to announce that we will rise up in Waves of Rebellion across the world! At an exciting international meeting, rebels decided that countries will organise their own ‘wave’ in period of Rebellion that will cascade from April to June. With over a dozen countries already signed up and choosing their…

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XR 2020 Strategy – Power : Together

The world has changed significantly since Extinction Rebellion launched just over a year ago.  Inspired by activists around the world, arm in arm with other movements, thousands of people from all walks of life have been part of this change; united by courage and purpose and an itch for rebellion.  World leaders, although finally admitting we are in a crisis, are yet to offer the real solutions we need. They are not brave enough to face what’s asked of them.  This is their own story of inevitable failure; it doesn’t have to be ours.   In 2019 we demanded change. In…

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Unexpected Elephants and Supermarket Crime Scenes

Dear Rebels, It’s only February but already things are hotting up. Our next UK-wide mobilisation is now set to begin on May the 23rd (book time off work!), and the strategy for 2020 is due to be released in the next few days. As we build momentum for another round of conscientious protection, there’s no shortage of opportunities for warming up this February: whether it’s fighting HS2 this weekend, marching in London on the 22nd, blockading a coalmine in county Durham on the 26th, or disrupting Cambridge City centre from the 16th onwards. And however you…

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James ‘Iggy’ Fox died on 6 February. He was 25, had given up a career in science to join XR and fought hard for the cause, especially for Indigenous rights. Iggy was a burning bright soul and he will be deeply missed by us all. Here is the article he wrote for issue 3 of The Hourglass newspaper. Science alone is silence. For people to act on science’s warnings and apply its solutions, its message needs shouting from the rooftops. Scientists are getting on the streets, refusing to be scribes of the apocalypse. After seven years studying, researching and…

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Unsung Heroes of XR: Alice and the Arrest Welfare Team

When we contacted the Regenerative Cultures UK-wide Working Group for a nominee for our new Unsung Heroes of XR series, two names came up immediately: Alice and Zaza from Arrest Welfare.  The reason? “They have been doing a huge amount of work since April, creating a support system for our 1400-plus XR arrestees whilst working full-time in other jobs since April. I’m a big fan!” comments a fellow rebel.  Zaza is on the Regen team retreat, so on this occasion we catch up with Alice, joint internal coordinator of the UK Arrest Welfare Team. In typical ‘unsung hero’ fashion, Alice…

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Video: Sir David King supports five defendants on trial for London City Airport action

On Jan 28th, Sir David King, former chief scientific adviser to the UK government, attended the trial of five Extinction Rebellion protesters charged with aggravated trespass during the London City Airport action in October. Sir David, who offered written evidence in defence of the five, gave this interview outside court, in which he speaks of the important role of Extinction Rebellion in raising awareness of the climate crisis, his fear for his own grandchildren, and the need for urgent government action. “What we need is much more action, much more clarity on the action that is needed,…

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Defence statement by Sir David King in support of five Extinction Rebellion defendants

“A temperature rise of 4.0 degrees C would give rise to unmanageable risks, and yet this is the most likely outcome by 2100 unless appropriate global action is taken.” “Lives would be saved if the UK Government were to bring forward the net zero emissions target, based on a full risk analysis alongside a full procedural analysis to achieve the target, and to take a clear leadership role on the international scene leading to COP26 in Glasgow, November this year.” “Climate change represents the greatest threat that humanity, as a whole, has ever had to to…

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The Ozone Layer: The Environmental Victory Everyone Forgot

Imagine this: there’s a terrifying environmental threat caused by chemical emissions that could destroy all life on earth. The companies producing the emissions put out all the disinformation they can to keep their businesses going. However, the governments of the world unite to remove those chemicals from production, and the world, miraculously, heals. This isn’t a fairytale about climate change. This is the real story of a grave environmental threat that was at the top of everyone’s mind in the 1980s, but has been largely forgotten by the public today. Here’s the story about how the people won a victory…

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