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Unsung Heroes of XR: Felix – A rebel-alchemist of the April Rebellion

In today’s Unsung Heroes, we meet Felix. A long-time environmental activist, boater and rewilder, Felix describes his involvement in XR as episodic: “because I have random work hours and I am a boater – and I am often geographically distant from any given group – I don’t have a regular role in XR. I do my own thing. But when it’s action time, when it’s time to physically help out, I will go all in”.  Though you may not see Felix at your weekly local meeting, he is no less committed to the movement for it.  He has, in…

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Rebel Radio: How It Works

The mechanisms by which we fuel the escalating crisis can be complex and opaque. This series investigates how the climate and ecological emergency is changing our world and the ways in which human beings are fuelling it. Flood Resilience – 13/03/2020 Floods in the UK are becoming more frequent and intense. Rain and rivers seep through property damage into family life, bankruptcy and mental health. Danny and Anna discuss with Highbury East Cllr Caroline Russell and XR Drummer Alfie Ferguson of @EcoBlacks how we can make our homes, businesses, towns & cities more resilient against flooding. We also hear from Professor…

Climate Change flooding fossil fuels insurance resilience UKEF
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Global Newsletter # 37: Girls just wanna have rights

Dearest Rebels, This issue, we celebrate the incredible courage and kindness of women everywhere, from the Republic of Congo to the bridges of London, who are standing strong to honour each other and the Earth.  If you haven’t already, check out this powerful video of women performing the protest dance called ‘Un Violador en Tu Camino’ (A Rapist in Your Path) for International Women’s Day. We take time to consider the very serious and ongoing threat that Coronavirus (Covid-19) poses to our activities and the planned Waves of Rebellion. Rebels have been working tirelessly to find a path which seeks to protect life, support the most vulnerable, and…

global international women's day newsletter
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XR Unchained 13

More beautiful and courageous action from XR groups around the world. There is so much to tell. 14 FEB | Uganda 14 FEB | Nairobi, Kenya Climate activist and founder of Green Generation Initiviative Kenya Elizabeth Wathuti on Valentine’s Day climate strike.   14 FEB | Istanbul, Turkey Young Turkish school strikers. 8th of Mar. Woman’s Day  14 FEB | Moscow, Russia Brave Russians who joined Arshan Makichyan during his 49th week of climate protest. “The local government illegally refused us the right for a mass strike. But a lot of people joined our queue for a single strike and…

XR Unchained
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Amitav Ghosh: The Great Derangement – Rebel Book Club (1)

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW Rebel Book Club – a new series by the Extinction Rebellion Podcast This is the first of a brand new series by the Extinction Rebellion Podcast, with Writers Rebel, looking at iconic green books that shape our understanding of the new world we find ourselves in: after climate change, the sixth mass extinction, and the Ecological Crisis. We are thrilled to begin with The Great Derangement, which questions the cultural silence around the Climate & Ecological Emergency but also looks at issues of colonialism, and…

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Rebel Radio: Rebel Despatches

News bulletins from a rebellion in full swing. As time runs out to act on the climate emergency, Rebel Despatches brings an alternative media perspective on the pressing issues of the week, with updates from the latest actions and interviews with the rebels involved. Topless Rebellion, Budgets & Coal Mines – 10/03/2020 In this week’s Rebel Despatches with Anna and Marijn we hear from XR’s Reactive Team’s Jeremy Parker who talks us through what the Reactive Team does as well as the recent mass mobilisation training that took place in Birmingham. We are then joined by two students Sol…

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UK Newsletter #10 – I Know Why the Caged Canary Sings

Dear rebels, As spring begins, and we start preparing for our third wave of change-making, we’re delighted to bring you a stirring and inspiring History of XR (video). In a movement so based on compassion, and faced with such painful times, it can be easy to forget how far we’ve come. Whether or not we succeed, we know we’re doing all we can, together. Let’s celebrate that.  Ready for more? You’ve come to the right place. Today we bring you plans for the UK’s Rolling Rebellion from 23rd May onwards – see below for more. In the…

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