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Update about situations and processes involving Roger Hallam from the XR UK Transformative Conflict & Justice Systems (TCJ) team

Introduction This document details an update on processes that have been happening in the UK, Germany and Switzerland in relation to Roger Hallam.  In the UK the restorative process has ended and the situation will now be referred to an XR UK Care Council. XR Germany has come to some agreements with Roger Hallam. XR Switzerland are waiting to receive audio before any retraction or correction of the interview is made.  We would like to recognise again how painful this situation has been for so many and to let you know that we have given everything we can to hold…

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We Are The Dead Canaries

From 26-28th February 2020, local activists and Extinction Rebellion joined forces to shut down operations at the Bradley Open-cast Mine in County Durham, voicing their objection to Banks Mining Group’s proposal to expand mining operations at the site.

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Rebel Radio: Emergency Panel

Exploring the effects of the climate and ecological emergency on institutions and the pillars of civilisation that we tend to take for granted. Food, fashion and health, amongst others, are discussed, with expert opinion shining a spotlight on the problems and possible solutions. International Women’s Week Women face higher risks from the impacts of #climatechange. Yet their local knowledge and empathetic leadership means that they play a critical role in the success for climate-related projects and policies. In the lead up to #InternationalWomensDay, Bel Jacobs talks to Farah Ahmed of Julies Bicycle, Hiba Ahmad from Global Justice Now…

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Rebel Radio Special: Dark Waters

Anna and Danny speak with Rob Bilott, the heroic lawyer who took on corporate giant DuPont after they poisoned an American town with toxic chemical waste, and discuss the prevalence of forever chemicals in our everyday lives and the systemic problems behind environmental degradation. ‘The system is rigged.They want us to think it protects us, but that is a lie.We protect us, we do, nobody else.Not the companies, not the scientists, not the government.Us.’– Dark Waters This is the real life story of Rob Bilott, a rebel who put his heart and soul to take on a corporate…

dark waters dupont ecoside pfas rob bilott
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UK Newsletter #9: More courage. More collaboration. More love.

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, With two storms in two weeks causing widespread disruption and flooding, 2020 didn’t take long to bring the climate crisis to our doorstep. But our rebels are hot on the case, taking to the streets with ever more innovative and theatrical actions. In London, some rebels brightened up Fashion Week with colourful plumes and an alternative fashion show, while others poked fun at our politicians who just won’t stop digging for coal. A BP-sponsored exhibition on Troy encountered its very own Trojan horse in the…

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Rebel Radio: Our Positive Future

Highlighting the optimists of the world brimming with solutions to the climate and ecological emergency. From rewilding and regenerative farming to clean energy for all, these individuals share their visions of a healthier world. Supporting Our Young People – 28/02/2020 How do we guide and protect young people through the #ClimateCrisis? Join the discussion with host Sue Wheat & guests Clover Hogan, a 20 year old climate activist, founder of Force of Nature and researcher on eco-anxiety & psychology of agency; Michael Landers from; Rebecca Tully from; and David Smith from Also interviews with climate psychologist Dr…

2040 regenerative culture regenerative farming scalable solutions
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Rebel Radio: Humans of XR

Humans of XR on Rebel Radio celebrates the people behind the banners and their heroic efforts to bring the climate and ecological emergency to the forefront of public consciousness. Lawyers, doctors, carpenters, musicians, dancing clowns and kangaroos, from Glasgow to Papa New Guinea share their stories of rebellion. Outreach – 21/01/2020 As Extinction Rebellion progresses into its second year, Danny and Anna discuss with Haringey local group members Alex and Tommy how to maintain momentum, keep the movement growing and welcome new recruits, with Javier from XR Madrid on how the group has grown since COP25. Hunger Strikers – 27/11/2019…

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