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Newsletter 36: Waves of Worldwide Webellion

Dearest rebels, Whether you swoon for Valentine’s Day or think it represents everything that’s wrong with the world, we hope you’ll accept this newsletter as a message of affection from us to you; putting the ‘love’ into ‘Love and Rage’. Today, we are proud to announce that we will rise up in Waves of Rebellion across the world! At an exciting international meeting, rebels decided that countries will organise their own ‘wave’ in period of Rebellion that will cascade from April to June. With over a dozen countries already signed up and choosing their…

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The Art and People behind Extinction Rebellion by Natalie Haddad

In October 2019, I followed the artists of Extinction Rebellion Hackney to get behind the scenes of what it took to build rebellion. From life size skeletons, samba drummers, banner printing and painting the streets, all in preparation for a two week long uprising that shut central London down to call attention to the climate emergency. A film by Natalie Haddad…

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XR 2020 Strategy – Power : Together

The world has changed significantly since Extinction Rebellion launched just over a year ago.  Inspired by activists around the world, arm in arm with other movements, thousands of people from all walks of life have been part of this change; united by courage and purpose and an itch for rebellion.  World leaders, although finally admitting we are in a crisis, are yet to offer the real solutions we need. They are not brave enough to face what’s asked of them.  This is their own story of inevitable failure; it doesn’t have to be ours.   In 2019 we demanded change. In…

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UK Newsletter #8: Unexpected Elephants and Supermarket Crime Scenes

Dear Rebels, It’s only February but already things are hotting up. Our next UK-wide mobilisation is now set to begin on May the 23rd (book time off work!), and the strategy for 2020 is due to be released in the next few days. As we build momentum for another round of conscientious protection, there’s no shortage of opportunities for warming up this February: whether it’s fighting HS2 this weekend, marching in London on the 22nd, blockading a coalmine in county Durham on the 26th, or disrupting Cambridge City centre from the 16th onwards. And however you…

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James ‘Iggy’ Fox died on 6 February. He was 25, had given up a career in science to join XR and fought hard for the cause, especially for Indigenous rights. Iggy was a burning bright soul and he will be deeply missed by us all. Here is the article he wrote for issue 3 of The Hourglass newspaper. Science alone is silence. For people to act on science’s warnings and apply its solutions, its message needs shouting from the rooftops. Scientists are getting on the streets, refusing to be scribes of the apocalypse. After seven years studying, researching and…

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