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XR Podcast E2: non violence

Welcome to Episode Two on the issue of nonviolence: what it means as a political tool; how effective it is; and how Extinction Rebellion values nonviolence as a practice in itself. WARNING – This episode contains some strong language. This episode is presented by Dave Anderson and Jessica Townsend with interviews conducted by Marijn van de Geer and Jessica Townsend in the Extinction Rebellion offices. The episode can be found here: Or here on iTunes: We interviewed the following people to help explain what nonviolence means: Roger Hallam – PhD researcher…

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast

Episode One: rebellion for beginners. Welcome to the Extinction Rebellion Podcast! In this first episode, Jessica Townsend and Marijn Van de Geer from Extinction Rebellion (XR) answer the kind of questions new rebels ask when they first join XR. Questions include: Do I have to get arrested? What do Extinction Rebellion want? Who are Extinction Rebellion? How do they get their money? The podcast can be found here: or here in iTunes: We’d love feedback and suggestions for future episodes. So get in touch and since we’re just taking our baby steps we’d appreciate you taking the…

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Monday 15 April: Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion to begin in over 80 cities across at least 33 countries

Email: UK phone: +44 (0)7760280443 / +44(0)7479234522 / +44(0)7986671716 / +44(0)7549766448 UK website: International website: International facebook: Twitter: hashtag #ExtinctionRebellion Instagram: Photos/videos: NEW – What emergency? NEW – Extinction Rebellion in Numbers – Tens of thousands of people in more than 33 countries across six continents will stage a global rebellion to raise the alarm about the Climate and Ecological Emergency that could signal the extinction of the human race if we don’t actGroups across the world will disrupt ‘business as…

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