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October 7th is coming: Get Ready for Rebellion

A Rebel in NYC climbed the 12+ storey Unisphere to hang a banner over Brazil on the map, highlighting the crisis in the Amazon. Dear rebels, As you may know, the international newsletter team is taking a break for a couple of issues to make sure we’re in top shape for the October Rebellion. However, the news never sleeps. In light of this, here’s a round-up of some important announcements for XR UK as we go into the final month before the 7th of October. We’ve got some key events this month for any rebels itching for some action, as…

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Northern Rebellion: a rebel write-up

We’ve come to the end of our four-day Northern Rebellion. What an extraordinary experience. My first time at anything like this. These are  some of my personal recollections from those four days. Now, almost immediately we are into the preparation for International Rebellion London.  We occupied one of Manchester’s most polluted roads and shopping streets – Deansgate – for 4 days. We were there to stand up and be counted. We were there to highlight the need to address Manchester’s failure to meet legal air quality standards. And, we were there to prepare for London.  The Northern Rebellion  started in…

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XR France Summer Camp: a rebel write-up

Written by susieq From a gentle sloping valley in Charente, the sweet sound of peaceful rebels filled the air, a magic flute, gentle guitars and the unifying force of collective song. As I lay in my tent listening I was filled with a sense of hope. The XR France summer camp (17-25 August) was attended by 80 or so rebels living in joyous simplicity, signing up to take turns with cooking, emptying the composting toilets and bins, washing up or running a workshop. This was Extinction Rebellion at its finest: mutual respect, collective intelligence, creativity, simplicity, determination and fun.

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Join the Global Climate Strike

Over a year has passed since Greta Thunberg began striking from school for the lack of governmental action on the climate crisis. In that time, different groups have mobilised 1.6 million students across the world to strike for the same cause. #FridaysForFutures has become a globally active movement, bringing a powerful youth energy to the struggle for climate justice. Governments across the world have passed climate emergencies – maybe even new climate policies – but not the policies we need.  On the 20th September 2019, the Global Climate Strike is set to be the biggest climate mobilisation in history, calling…

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