Rebellion Day 2

November 24th

Assemble at 10am in Parliament Sq

See the facebook event and share with all your friends! Details on coach travel from around the UK are below.

Last Saturday we celebrated all the life we wanted to save.

This Saturday we mourn all the life we’ve lost, are losing and are still to lose.

We Rebel because we love this world, it breaks our hearts to see it ravaged, to watch so many people and animals all over this world already dying, to know that this will soon happen to our children if nothing changes. There is no way forward without giving credence to our grief.

On the 24th November, please come to Parliament Square for our Memorial, then a funeral march through London.

Dress in the appropriate dress for your culture for funerals, dress smart, to honour the dead
Dress warm and bring waterproofs (50% chance of rain), bring a black or white umbrella if you can, and maybe something waterproof to sit on.

Bring a wreath, flowers, pictures of extinct or endangered animals that we will lay outside parliament. Homemade signs and personal messages most welcome.

We are serious, this is an emergency, this is our home we are watching fall

If people are arrested on the day, you will hear bells ringing, please fall silent and turn to watch and honour those that are being taken, in silent witness.

If you would like to sign up for a supporting role (steward, wellbeing, Legal Observer) please fill out the form:

Action Continues

Action demanding the government’s urgent response on the Climate Crisis and Ecological Emergency continues…

The Extinction Rebellion is bringing thousands of us out onto the street to demand that life continues on this planet. It is spreading around the world, setting up in 15 countries in the past two weeks. So let’s make the rebellion huge and powerful and inspire other countries to do the same!

We have all seen that one day events don’t create the vast changes that now have to happen immediately.

Assemble at 10am in Parliament Square, London on Saturday 24th of November, for Rebellion Day 2. We will continue sitting down in city streets. Only through daily economic disruption will the government recognise the gravity of the crisis we all face and agree to meet with us to address our demand for radical action.

We are in a dire emergency. This is the most important thing in the world right now. Get on the phone. Start sharing on social media. Speak to your family, to your kids and grandparents. Tell everyone to come along. This is it: the best chance in a generation to throw off fear, despair and detachment and stand up for what we love most of all – life itself!

We are all amazed by the overwhelming response to this call to action. Now let’s go out and make some real change.

You can hear future generations cheering us on!

Families, Safety, Police and Non-Violence

If you choose to speak to the police we recommend you don’t tell them your name or any details. Please do not tell them or give away the names of other people. Talk to them about the weather, pay-cuts and added job pressure due to austerity, and the need for them to break the chain of command at some point – in order to follow their own conscious and protect what they love too. However, always remember they are paid to do a role in society, and that the role they are in may ask them to turn on you very quickly.

RisingUp has done over 20 road-blocks for over a year as part of the Stop Killing Londoners – Cut Air Pollution campaign. The police have facilitated these actions and have been consistently reluctant to arrest people. The few times that they arrested people they have only arrested a small group of people who intended to risk arrest, gave plenty of warning, and allowed others to leave if they wished to do so. The police have limited capacity, and are highly unlikely to kettle (surround and trap) a crowd of a thousand people in order to arrest them all. They understand that if they attack or arrest non-violent citizens then more people would rally to our cause, and so they are highly unlikely to do so. We cannot guarantee what the police will do, and at the same time we can point to a consistent pattern of behaviour over the past 18 months: remaining calm, giving people plenty of warning, and allowing people to leave if they want to. The police have informed us that they have a protocol in place to clearly inform people before they start arresting people, and so it seems the chance of arrest for non-violently blocking bridges is very low.

The day is part of a series of escalating non-violent direct actions which have been taking place in London since the 12th November. If you are planning to attend please read our Action Consensus.

Coach travel

Coaches are now available from across the country to get down to the Rebellion Day 2 on November 24th. Thousands will be descending on the capital for mass civil disobedience and peaceful protest.

Click on the links to eventbrite below and share with everyone in your area!

Shrewsbury, Birmingham

Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff

Bristol, Swindon

Manchester, Liverpool

Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield

York, Nottingham, Leicester

Norwich, Cambridge

Falmouth, Bodmin, Plymouth, Totnes

Exeter, Taunton, Glastonbury, Frome

Join the Rebellion

Rebels from outside the UK please sign up at

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