How we Win

Extinction Rebellion will achieve its demands if we cause economic disruption which brings the authorities to the negotiating table.

Protest marches and rallies will not create the rapid political change now needed to deal with the ecological emergency. But now we have developed a tactic that can’t be stopped…

Swarming roadblocks

7am, 21-23 November in Parliament Square

Read our simple instructions on how to swarm, see the full briefing and sign up to let us know when you can make it.


  1. Block the roads within an arranged geographical area
  2. When the police appear, get up off the road, mix into the general public, and then regroup
  3. Block another road near by
  4. Do this all day
  5. Be polite to police, drivers and the general public at all times

Swarming sign up

Roadblock instructions


Make/buy food (e.g cupcakes),

Print leaflets

Make a big sign saying

“Very sorry for the delay. We’ll only be here a few minutes” and “Extinction Rebellion”

Wear some hi-vis jackets

On the day…

  1. Wait for traffic lights to turn red
  2. Head out into the cross-walk and sit down in the road facing the traffic, strong and unified, holding banners and/or signs
  3. Two people go to offer food and leaflets to the drivers, assuring them you’ll only be a few minutes and tell them why you’re doing it
  4. After 5-10 minutes get off the road when the lights turn to red. Let the lights turn to green. When they turn back to red go back on the crossing – this way you can let annoyed drivers at the front of the block through and start again

Join a Swarm Training

Talk to your affinity group about when your group can come to London

Contact the for details

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