Global Hunger Strike

Election Special – Extinction Rebellion Podcast

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW Join the Extinction Rebellion Podcast for the #ElectionRebellion, pushing the Climate & Ecological Emergency to the top of the political agenda. Hear about the Three Demands Bill, the hunger strikers, climate hustings, and our 12 days of crisis, including a severe weather warning from the future. Featuring interviews with XR Sheffield, XR Hull and a special appearance from Emma Thompson. Listen to Extinction Rebellion Podcast Special 2.7, “XR & the Police” here. View Extinction Rebellion’s three demands here. Presenter / Producer / Editor – Lucy…

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Newsletter 32: “Yet My Hunger for Change Propels Me”

Dearest rebels, it’s been a time of quiet but intense struggle on the front lines of the rebellion.  Since Monday 18th November more than five hundred people have taken part in the Global Hunger Strike. From Israel to India, Ecuador to Australia, New Zealand to the United Kingdom, we have all been united in our pain and our desperate desire for change. Following in the footsteps of great change-makers and peace-bringers such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Mahatma Gandhi, rebels have chosen to go hungry as a mark of their love for the Earth and all the life that it harbours. …

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